Masculinities and Crime


Men, Masculinities and Crime

  • most research is focused into women and crime
  • does masculinity have a relationship to crime?
  • rejects both biological and sex role theory 
  • Messerschmidt (1993) 'masculinity is accomplished and is not something done to men or settled beforehand' therefore gender is socially construced and so crime can act as a tool to acomplish masculnity 

this can occur through dominate or hegemonic masculinity or the alternatice subordinated masculinity

  • young m/c males demonstrate hegemonic masculinity through educational success
  • w/c white males achieve hegemonic through aggression, anti social behaviour and deliquency 
  • w/c ethnic minorities assert theirs through street gangs 
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  • m/c males can use crime to express hegemonic masculinity, for example in boardroom culture of white collar crime
  • success comes from high powered  jobs with large salaries
  • wealth is achieved through jobs and career ladders
  • putting women down via sexual harrashment is seen as fashionable
  • homosexuality is largely hidden and media scandles occur when high status men come out as gay 
  • w/c see it as the gateway to hegemony, by resisting the authority of management 
  • lad culture exists in factoris which may lead to crime to fulfil the need for material gain
  • they turn to crime to escape career instability 
  • domenstic abuse and **** culture is approved of
  • homosexuals are demoralised and outcast 
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Ethnicity and Evaluation


  • lack resources to accompish hegemonic masculinity 
  • search for alternatives to masculinity 
  • pimp and prostitute relationships


  • is a sophisticated analysis of crime age, gender and class
  • it over predicts crime
  • not everyone aspires to hegemonic masculinity 
  • what about politically motivated crime?
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