Masculinity and Crime

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  • Masculinity and Crime
    • Messerschmidt (1993) masculinity is a social construct or accomplishment. Men have to work at being masculine
    • Different masculinities co-exist in society. One of which, hegemonic masculinity is the most dominant, Paid-labour work, subordination of women and heterosexism
    • Some men have subordinate masculinities, gay men, lower class, ethnic minorities who lack resources
    • Messerschmidt sees crime and deviance as a way to achieve masculinity
      • WHITE M/C YOUTHS subordinate themselves to teachers to achieve m/c status, leads to accommodating masculinity. Outside school, masculinity is through drinks, pranks, vandalism
      • WHITE W/C YOUTHS: Less chance of educational success, masculinity is based on sexist attitudes, being tough or opposing teachers authority. More info look at Lads in Willis (1977) study
      • BLACK LOWER W/C YOUTHS: Few expectations of a reasonable job, use gang membership and violence to express masculinity, turn to property crime to achieve material success
      • Masculinity isn't an explanation for male crime, he is in danger of a circular argument that explains masculinity crimes are crimes because they are committed by males
      • Doesn't explain why not all men use crime to accomplish masculinity
      • Over-works the concept of masculinity to explain virtually all male crime, from joy riding to embezzlement


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