marks gospel key terms- conflict and argument


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the law

the collection of laws handed down by god collected in the torah 

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those who did not follow all the jewish laws 

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a religious group whose aim was to keep the traditional jewish faith alive 

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the jewish day of rest on the seventh day of the week

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going without food on certain days as a sign of devotion to god

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ritual cleansing

the jewish laws on food and washing which prevented anything unclean enetering the body 

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a gift dedicated to god which meant that it could not be used for anything else 

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the sufferings of jesus, especially in the time leading up to his crucifixion 

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palm Sunday

the sunday before good friday when jesus entered jerusalem on a donkey

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the temple

the building in jerusalem where sacrifices were made 

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scribes(teachers of the law)

religious lawyers; originally men who made coies of the torah 

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group of priests who controlled the temple and collaborated with the romans 

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