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Divorce:  When a marriage is declared legally over.

Marriage: A relationship between husband and wife which is legally recognized and established by a religious or civil marriage ceremony.

Homosexuality: When someone is sexually attracted to the person of the same gender.

Cohabitation: Living together before marriage.

Promiscuity: When someone takes a casually attitude towards sex eg. Having several sexual partners in a short period of time.

Fundamentalist: When a christian has a strong view.

Liberal: When a christian takes a free or relaxed view.

Conflict: Where there is disagreements and quarrewlls working against each other rather than together.

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Reconciliation: is making up and starting together again, saying sorry and having it accepted.

Annulment: is when a marriage is declared to have never happened usually because one of the partners did not fully understand the marriage vows.

Sacrament: is an outward sign of an inward change and is a bond that cannot be broken.

Covanent: is a promise/bond that maybe broken in certain circumstances. 

Contraception: Is the prevention of pregnancy during sexual intercourse and can be natural or artificial.

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Family Life

Role of family:

Emotional security, financial support, provides stability, company, to bring you up, love and affection, protection, education etc.

Traditional family roles:

Mother- cleans, sews, housekeeping, looks after children, runs errand, does the shopping.

Dad- in charge, earns money, DIY, gardening, protector of the house

Children- obedient, seen not heard respect parents, go to school

Why families have changed?

Greater independence for women, Not such strict family rules, divorce more socially acceptable, single parent families, same sex couples with children, nuclear families

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Christians views to the role of family

  • to educate children about christianity 
  • to provide love , support and stability
  • to experience christian love( agape- unconditional love)
  • to develop christian views
  • for pro creation(life is a gift from god)


'Honour your father and your mother'

Children should listen to their parents.

'It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him'

it is important for people to have companionship, man is boss and the woman the helper

'Obey your parents in everything'

children should listen and respect their parents

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Christian attitudes to marriage

All christians regard marriage as a gift from God. All christians believe that marriage should be a life long union.

The Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England believe that marriage is a sacrement and the bond should not be broken.

Most protestant christians believe marriage is a covanent which may be broken under certain circumstances.

Marriage is seen to be making promises infront of god and other people are just witnesses.

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Christian marriage service

Hymn- Used to get people in the right mindset of god and key teachings- Love Divine, Lord of all hopefulness

Opening Statement- To welcome everyone to the church and explain why marriage is so important- 'We have come together in the presence of God to witness the marriage of...'

Declaration- To check whether there are legal reasons why the couple cant marry- 'Any reason why you may not lawfully marry'

Promises or vows-Make promises to god and one another. Christian marriage is life long- 'In sickness and in health'

Exchange of rings- to show eternity/commitment- 'i give you this ring as a sign of our marriage'

Proclamation- to announce that they are married- 'i know pronounce you husband and wife'

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Bible readings- read by friends or family to give christian teachings that might help you through marriage- '1 Corrinthians or Beatitudes'

Prayers for the couple- asking god to support them- 'They may ask friends or family to read out bidding prayers'

Nuptial mass(Roman C only)- Catholics often celebrate eucharist at a wedding

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Why marriages break down?

  • Financial difficulties
  • Adultery
  • Family conflicts
  • Violence
  • If one partner didnt understand the true commitment
  • Jealousy
  • Too young
  • One didnt want kids
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General arguments divorce


  • Many people divorce because they believe happier parents would be better for there children or family life.
  • Divorce is expensive and often traumatic process so only those who have a good enough reason will get divorced.
  • Divorce is a sign of agape it is important that people are happy.


  • Divorce has become so common and widely accepted people no longer work as hard as they could to keep marriages together.
  • Marriage isnt taken as seriously and people rush into marriages.
  • Widely influenced by celebrities and the media.
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Christian views on divorce

There are two views..

1) Catholic and fundamentalist CofE

Not allowed. Only the death of one person can end the relationship. However they do allow annulment. Must prove that the marriage was never consummated or that it was not a true christian marriage.

Breaking the vow ' till death do us part'. Not gods intention. Marriage is a sacrament. Jesus forbid divorce in Marks Gospel.

'Whoever divorces his wife and marries another is guilty of adultury'

2) Liberal Protestants

Allow divorce in certain circumstances.

Jesus allowed divorce for adultury. Lesser of two evils. Accept divorce as UK laws allow it. Discourage remarriage. Book of matthew- suggests- exception can be adultury.

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The act of marrying again- this can be to the same person or new marriatal partner.

Roman Catholic church- does not allow remarriage because it doesnt accept divorce. Marriage is a sacrament.

C of E- rarely allows remarriage, althought it does see civil divorces as valid and will bless the couple after a service in register office. Remarriage is occasionally allowed at the discretion of the minister. Remarriage may be granted if you know the vicar or attend church regularly.

Other protestant churches- sometimes remarry, althought usually regular church attenders. Some ministers believe it is compassionate to remarry and give people a second chance.

Orthodox- is allowed but the service isnt as lively.

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  • Enables you to get to know each other before you make a lifelong commitment of marriage.
  • Gives you a chance to find out if you are compatible.
  • If things go wrong you do not have the hassle of a divorce.
  • You can always marry if you then decide to have children


  • Encourages a casual attitude to relationships based on selfishness rather than caring for each other.
  • Should know if you are compatible without living together.
  • Too easy to break up couples will separate over little things.
  • Society relies on marriage and families for social stability.
  • there is no legal commitment hard to split things when you split up
  • encourages promiscuity
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Christian views on cohabitation

Traditionally christians refer to cohabitation as living in sin. Living together should be saved till after marriage and that sex consumates a marriage.

However some protestants allow it if the couple love one another and are commited, are in a long term relationship or are prepared to eventually marry. This is because jesus taught that love is special and agape.

Christian views on promiscuity:

All christians believe that promiscuity is wrong. In the bible there are many verses which say that promiscuity is sinful and that a person is abusing there body by sleeping around.

'Body is your temple'

'One man for one woman'

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  • not natural
  • god made us all, people are born homosexual
  • wrong, because sex is meant for making children
  • a child needs a male and female influence
  • what matters is the quality of the relationship
  • generation gap- older people more homophobic
  • historically- not socially acceptable
  • Now illegal to insight hatred 
  • undermine the sanctity of life
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Christian views on Homosexuality


  • God loves everyone the way they are
  • Homosexuality is a natual characteristic, god made everyone and therefore accepts it.
  • Over society things have changed so the bible teachings have changed.
  • Bishops and priests can be openly gay.
  • Love- agape
  • Things like stoning happened then and the bible has changed when it refers to homosexuality as a sin its wrong.


  • Catholics believe it is a sin ' no man is to have sexual relations with another man. God hates this'
  • 'If a man has sexual relations with a man.. both shall be put to death'
  • They should be cellibate.
  • Cant have children 'fruitful and multiply'
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  • To show maturity
  • To have children
  • To live up to social expectation
  • Fun?
  • Money?
  • Exercise
  • To show commitment
  • A natual biological desire
  • Passion
  • Something to consumate a marriage
  • Giving yourself to someone else
  • A way of showing trust
  • Intimacy
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Christian views on sex

  • It is a way of commiting yourself to another person and expressing love.
  • God intended that man and woman should become 'one flesh'
  • Sex is to have children- 'go forth and increase in number' 'be fruitful and multiply'
  • completes the marriage vows
  • having sex is a way of showing your love for god and understanding gods nature
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Natural methods-

  • withdrawing the penis before ***********
  • rhythm method- limiting sex to less fertile times of the month

Artificial methods-

  • contraceptive pills
  • condoms
  • coils
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contraception general


  • prevents unwanted pregnancy
  • reduces need for abortion
  • population control(china)
  • Barrier method can prevent spread of STD's 
  • allows people to plan the best time to have a baby
  • Greater protection for people who work in the sex industry


  • Stopping a potential life from forming
  • pill increases risk of breast cancer heart disease
  • encourages promiscuity
  • if you dont want children dont have sex
  • human life is valuble
  • can have biological side effects
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Christian views on contraception

Roman Catholic-

  • Contraception is a sin(artificial)
  • Morning after pill is murder
  • Natural contraception is allowed
  • go forth and multiply
  • devalues sex
  • all life is sacred
  • challenged will of god/gods plan
  • body is gods temple
  • life begins at conception


  • many protestants agree
  • contraception is allowed
  • jesus taught agape
  • reduces risk of unwanted pregnancy and std's
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