management strategies to protect the water cycle

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  • role of forests in water cycle recognised by UN and World Bank 
  • REDD and World Bank's Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) fund counties in Africa, Asia and South America to restore areas
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water allocations

  • agriculture uses 90% of water consumption globally 
  • wastage occurs through evaporation and seepage through inefficient uses 
  • improvements to farming include mulching, zero soil disturbance and drip irrigation 
  • terracing reduces runoff 
  • improved farming leaves farmers with extra water resources 
  • recycling of waste water rom agriculture is used in developed nations
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drainage basin planning

  • targets for drainage basin planning include runoff, surface water storage and groundwater
  • runoff - controlled by aforestation, more permeable surfaces 
  • surface water - limiting abstraction, artificial recharge (i.e - water injected into aquifers through boreholes) 
  • UK's drainage basin management advanced - EU's Water Directive Framework
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