Making cars

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Making cars

Iron and steel rust other metals corrode
Acid rain and salt water accelerate rusting
Rusting is an oxidation reaction because iron reacts with oxygen forming an oxide.
Iron +oxygen+water-hydrated iron oxide
Aluminium does not corrode in moist air because it has a protective layer of aluminium oxide
Does not flake off the surface like rust
Different metals corrode at different times

Alloys are mixtures of elements containing at least one metal and often have different and more useful properties then the metals they are made from
Steel is harder and stronger then iron steel is less likely to corrode then iron
Aluminium corrodes slowly economy improved car body last longer
Car body's can be built from steel or aluminium steel costs less and is stronger

Metals aluminium cars body's and wheel hubs not corrodes low density malleable quite strong iron
Copper lead glass PVC plastic fibre electrical wires lead batteries in sets dashboards dials bumpers wire covering plastic glass in windscreen
Good electrical conductor transparent shatterproof
Cheep not corrode ridged

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