Macbeth Quotes and Summaries- Act 3

Quotes for Macbeth Act 3

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Act 3 Scene 1

-Banquo remembers the Witches' prophecies and suspects Macbeth of Duncan's murder.

-Macbeth has settled into the royal palace at Forres. 

-He is jealous of Banquo's good qualities.

-He arranges for the murder of Banquo and Fleance. (The start of Tyrant Macbeth)


'Chid the sisters/ When first they put the name of King upon him' - Macbeth says that Banquo saw the Witches' as evil spirits. Macbeth fears that he has become King only for Banquo's descendants to benefit. 

Banquo recalls the Witches' prophecies 'hast it now: King, Cawdor, Glamis'- everything they said has come true.

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Act 3 Scene 2

-Lady Macbeth realises that the satisfaction she and Macbeth sought hasn't been achieved.

-She tries to reassure Macbeth, urges him to act cheerfully.

-Macbeth's thoughts on Banquo, tells his wife that she will approve of his deeds.


'Whom we, to gain our peace, have sent to peace' - Macbet means that to secure their peace they satisfy their ambitions, they sent Duncan to his peace by murdering him. 

'Scorches the snake'- The snake is wounded but it will threaten them in the future.

'Affliction of these terrible dreams'- Macbeth has been scorched by his own sins. 

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Act 3 Scene 3

-Murderers wait for Banquo to return to the palace.

-Two murderers joined by a third, sent by Macbeth.

-Banquo is killed Fleance escapes.

-Murderers acknowledge that they have only partly suceeded.


'Who did bid thee join with us?'- Macbeth didn't trust the first two could do the job so sent the third to make sure Banquo and Fleance were killed.

'Come to you anon'- Half-heard conversation hidden from the audience, Gothic suspense and shadowy nature.

AO4- Shakespeare's audience would have known that Fleance's escape fulfilled the prophecies of the Witches, complimenting the King. (Who could trace his family back to Banquo)

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Act 3 Scene 4

-Macbeth and Lady Macbeth welcomes guests to their banquet.

-Macbeth is told of Banquo's death and told of Fleance's escape.

-Macbeth is haunted by the ghost of Banquo at the feast.

-Lady Macbeth informs the guests that Macbeth is suffering from an illness he's had since he was a child.

-Macbeth decides to visit the witches.

'I am in blood/ Stepped in so far [...] I should wade no more'- Macbeth is involved in so many murders that it is easy for him to carry on murdering.

AO4- 'The feast without it' - Macbeth is suggesting that unless repeated welcomes are given by the host, a feast becomes like a paid-for meal.

AO4- Macbeth asks his guests to 'know your own degrees'- guests would traditionally take a seat at the table according to ranks and titles. 

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Act 3 Scene 4- The Feast Important Quotes

'Thy bones are marrowless'- Macbeth can easily recognise Banquo although he is dead.

'Horrible shadow'- The appearance of the ghost is horrifying. Gothic.

'He grows worse and worse'- Macbeth's illness becomes worse during the feast.

'Blood will have blood'- As though Banquo's ghost has come to seek revenge on him.

'What sights, my lord?'- Lady Macbeth steps in to stop Macbeth incriminating himself.

'What is the night?- Macbeth pulls himself back to normality, syntax slows down.

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Act 3 Scene 5

-Hecat meets the three Witches (Hecate- Greek mythology- Queen of the Witches) on the heath during a thunderstorm. Angry with them for dealing with Macbeth.

-Tells them to repare to meet Macbeth and predicts Macbeth's downfall.


'Wayward son'- Hecat angry at them for helping Macbeth.

'Acheron'- River in Hell where she orders them to return to.

AO2- Hecat is more powerful than the three Witches, plans to bring about Macbeth's downfall.

AO3- People doubt Shakespeare wrote this scene, only time a character has spoken a monologue in rhyming couplets. 

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Act 3 Scene 6

-Events are reported between Lennox and a Lord.

-Lennox examines the recent 'accidents' and realises that Macbeth is responsible for murders of Duncan and Banquo.

-Macbeth sends rebuke to Macduff for not being present at the feast- Macduff has gone to England to get an army.

-Growing opposition against Macbeth. 


'Most pious Edward'- English King is prepared to help fight Macbeth,

'Suffering Country'- Lennox on Scotland, freeing Scotland would be a blessing.

AO3- Shakespeare participating in this general outcry.

AO4- Some of King Edward's people believed he spent too much time in prayer.

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