Macbeth Scene Summary with Key Quotes and Themes

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Scene Characters Summary Key Quotes Key Themes
1.1 Three Witches Three witches meet "When the Supernatural
during a thunderstorm battle's lost, and
and prelude they will won." [5] Disorder
meet Macbeth
"Fair is foul, and Paradox
foul is fair." [12]
1.2 Duncan, Duncan learns of battle "O valiant cousin, Disorder
Malcom, and Macbeth's worthy
Donaldbain, heroism. Current Thane gentleman." [24] Appearance vs
Lennox, of Cawdor is Reality
Captain, Ross, condemned to death "What he hath
Angus and Macbeth given his lost, noble Violence
(Attendants) title Macbeth hath
won." [67]
1.3 Three Witches meet again "So foul and fair a Supernatural
Witches, and further day I have not
Macbeth, demonstrate their evil seen." [36] Disorder
Banquo, Ross, nature. Deliver first
Angus prophecy. M + B "look not like Violence
debate witches, R + A th'inhabitants
Macbeth is T. of o'th'earth,/And Appearance vs
Cawdor = M's shock yet are on't?" Reality
"All hail Macbeth, Hubris
that shalt be King
hereafter." [ 48]
"nothing is,/ But
what is not."
1.4 Duncan, Malcom reports the "Nothing in his Ambition/
Lennox, execution of current life/ Became him Hubris
Malcom, Cawdor. Malcom is like leaving in."
Donaldbain, proclaimed Duncan's [7-8] Appearance vs
Macbeth, heir in front of M + B. Reality
Banquo, Ross, Duncan invited to M's "a step/On which I
Angus at Inverness must fall down or Paradox
(Attendants) else o'erleap,/For
in my was it lies."
1.5 Lady Lady M receives M's "Which fate and Ambition/
Macbeth, letter. Looks forward metaphysical aid Hubris
to fulfilling prophecy doth seem/ To

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Attendant, but believes M is too have crowned Supernatural
Macbeth weak. M arrives. withal." [27-8]
"unsex me here" Violence
[39] Appearance vs
"Come to my Reality
breasts/And take Gender
my milk for gall"
"look like
flower,/But be the
serpent under't."
"Leave all the rest
to me." [71]
1.6 Duncan, Duncan arrives at M's "In every point Appearance vs
Malcolm, castle and is welcomed twice done and Reality
Donaldbain, by Lady M.…read more

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False face must
hide what the
false heart doth
know." [82]
2.1 Banquo, Banquo and Fleance "Is this a dagger Appearance vs
Fleance, are surprised by M who which I see before Reality
Macbeth, is hiding in the me,/The handle
shadows. Banquo toward my hand?" Violence
sends Duncan's [33-34]
compliments. M Supernatural
advises Bq to side with "And on thy blade
him in future. Bq = will and dudgeon Suspense
only act honourably.…read more

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I would thou
couldst." [77]
2.3 Porter, Porter pretends to be "Faith, here's an Appearance vs
Macduff, the porter of hell. equivocator that Reality
Macbeth, Lennox talks of could swear in
Lennox, disorder. Macduff both the Disorder
Lady discovers Duncan's scales/against
Macbeth, body. Lady M `faints'. either scale" [7-8] Paradox
Banquo, Malcolm and
Malcolm, Donaldbain decide to "Shake off this Gender
Donaldbain flee. downy sleep,
look on death
itself." [70-71]
"There's daggers
in men's smiles;
the nea'er in
blood,/The nearer
bloody." [133-134]
2.…read more

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I will advise you
where to plant
yourselves" [128]
3.2 Lady Lady M realises they "Be innocent of Appearance vs
Macbeth, have not achieved the knowledge, Reality
Servant, what they wanted. M dearest chuck,/Till
Macbeth focussed on murder of thou applaud the Gender
Bq. Tells Lady M that deed." [45-46]
he will deal with it Disorder
independently. "with thy bloody
and invisible
hand/Cancel and
tear to pieces that
great bond"
3.3 Three Murderers wait for Bq.…read more

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This is the very
painting of your
fear;" [61]
"Stand not upon
the order of your
going,/But go at
once." [119-120]
"You lack the
season of all
natures, sleep"
3.5 Three Hecate is angry with "Thither he/will Supernatural
Witches: First three witches about come to know his
Witch, Hecate dealings with M destiny." [16-17] Disorder
without consulting her.
Tells them to prepare
to meet M in morning,
preludes his downfall.
3.6 Lennox, Used to "Things have been Disorder
Lord fast-forward/recant strangely borne"
events.…read more

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That this great
king may kindly
say,/Our duties did
his welcome pay."
4.2 Lady Macduff, Ross informs Lady "Fathered he is, Appearance vs
Ross, Macduff of her and yet he's Reality
Son, husband's flight to fatherless." [27]
Messenger, England ­ she is Disorder
Murderers: A unprotected. She "Then the liars and
Murderer discusses this with her swearers are Violence
son. Messenger comes fools, for there
and warns them to are liars
escape immediately. and/swearers
Lady Macduff and her enough to bear
son are murdered.…read more

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In evils to
top Macbeth."
"Such welcome
and unwelcome
things at
once,/'Tis hard to
"He hath a
heavenly gift of
sundry blessings
hang about his
throne" [159-160]
"The night is long
that never finds
the day." [243]
5.1 Doctor, Lady M's "A great Appearance vs
Gentlewoman lady-in-waiting has sent perturbation in Reality
, for a doctor.…read more

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Lennox, army. Donaldbain is not belt of rule."
Soldiers, there. Macbeth = more [14-15]
desperate + growing "And with him
lack of support. Only pour we in our
has mercenaries left. country's
purge,/Each drop
of us." [27-28]
"To dew the
sovereign flower
and drown the
weeds./Make we
our march
towards Birnham."
5.3 Macbeth, M is besieged at "Till Birnham Hubris
Doctor, Dunsinane Castle. Still Wood remove to
Attendants, trusts witch's Dunsinane,/ I
Servant, predictions to point of cannot taint with
Seyton extreme.…read more

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Siward's Son, ordered to carry will endure/Our Appearance vs
Menteith, branches as disguise settings down Reality
Caithness, and march confidently before't." [7-10]
Angus, towards Dunsinane. "But certain issue
Soldiers: A strokes must
Soldier arbitrate./Towards
which, advance
the war." [20-21]
5.5 Macbeth, Macbeth learns of Lady "Our castle's Hubris
Seyton, M's death. Discovers strength/Will
Soldiers, Birnham Wood is laugh a siege to Appearance vs
physically moving scorn; here let Reality
towards Dunsinane = them lie/Till
Witch's prophecy is famine and the Paradox
subjective.…read more


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