Macbeth Quotes and Summaries- Act 2

Act 2 Quotes and Summaries 

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Act 2 Scene 1


-After midnight Banquo and Fleance meet Macbeth in the courtyard

-Banquo passes on Duncan's compliments and a diamond for Lady Macbeth

-Macbeth tells Banquo to side with him, Banquo says he will if Macbeth is honourable

-Macbeth waits for the signal to kill Duncan.


'Cursed thoughts when sleeping'- Restless anxiety

'Witchcraft celebrates [...] Withered murder' - Macbeth allies himself with the supernatural, Macbeth is influenced by the Witches.

Soliloquy- Structure and syntax= further tension. Questions, exclamations= uncertainty and anxiety. 

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Act 2 Scene 2


-Lady Macbeth has drugged the guards and become 'bold' through drinking wine.

-Mabeth enters the scene, having killed Duncan.

-Lady Macbeth takes charge of the situation.

-Macbeth reveals he regrets Duncan's murder.


'A little water cleanses us of this deed' - Lady Macbeth believes that by washing the blood away they cannot be held responsible. 

'Shall sleep no more' - Macbeth's crime becomes his punishment because of the guilt.

Analysis- Rhetorical figurative writing with metaphorical descriptions of sleep.

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Act 2 Scene 3

-Drunken porter comes to open the gates- annoyed that he has been disturbed.

-Macduff, Thane of Fife, discovers the King is dead.

-Lady Macduff faints. 

-Malcolm and Donalbain, fearing for their lives, decide to flee.

-Lennox talks of the disturbed night.


'Night has been unruly'- Nature is in turmoil over the King's murder.

'Dire combustion'- Terrible civil unrest.

'I do repent me of my fury'- Macbeth makes excuses about why he killed the guards. 

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Act 2 Scene 4

-Ross discusses omens with an old man.

-Macduff reports that suspicion falls upon Malcolm and Donalbain.

-Macbeth has gone to Scone to be crowned King.

-Macduff refuses to attend the corronation.


'Thriftless ambition, that will raven up/ Thine own life means' - Ross says that it is a stupid ambition that causes a son to kill the father.- Ross is talking about the King's sons' supposed involvement in Duncan's murder. 

AO4- Macbeth would have been performed in the day, constant references to the night to reinforce the idea. 

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