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A bit of help for anyone struggling to learn quotes for the exam, I have tried to retell Macbeth in key quotes with a
little bit of explanation (I haven't included Acts and Scenes as they aren't very important):

'When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning or in…

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'The worm thats fled hat nature that in time will venom breed'= Banquo's son will cause Macbeth's plan to be in

'wayward son'- witches say Macbeth is uncontrolable? All been his doing?? Son suggests he is one of them/as evil as

'security is mortals' chiefest enemy'= witches make…




this is brilliant, thank you so much!! it will be a major help as my exam has been worrying me but this has all of the important ones in! thank you!!**

Maria Gunayon


Thank you so much!

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