Lynmouth Floods Case Study (Water Landforms and People)

MEDC case study for topic water landforms and people.

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General Facts

2 rivers, East Lyn and West Lyn.

Source of river in Exmoor.

1 in 4 Gradient

Pete soil and impermeable rock.

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12/14 days of rain- very saturated soil.

River fose 4m in 5 minutes.

Torrential Rain

Narrow Wooded Valley.

23cm of rainfall that day.

Thin soil and impermeable rock.

West Lyn made narrower due to tourist accomodation.

Small catchment basin and steep valley meant water collected quickly.

Little Infiltration

Build up of debris meant that the river rose and burst its banks- water flowed through village.

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Short Term Effects

Roads cut off.

Rescuers cut off.

Leaking roofs.

Build up of debris.

No power.


Flooding 7m above floor level.

Shops flooded.

High water levels in the river.

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Long Term Effects

34 people dead

Animals drowned

90 houses and businesses destroyed

27m trees destroyed

19 boats destroyed

Damage to homes

Power station flooded

Bridges damaged

1000 people homeless



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Effects on Different Groups of People


Home destroyed belongings lost. May have experienced a death of a relative of friend. Grief. Shock. School damaged or destroyed. No sense of normality.


No accomodation or facilities. No way to leave as roads blocked. May have lost belongings. Shock. Disappointment. May have lost loved ones. Grief.

Business Men/ Women-

Lost their businesses and all the money that they would have invested into it. Workers stuck. May be forced to relocate. Shock. Grief. May go bust if cannot rebuild business.

Elderly People-

Lost homes, belongings, care and support. Traumatisied. Shocked. Could be fatal if they can no longer cope.

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