Loves philosophy Anthology

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Loves philosophy Anthology

Written by percey shelley

born 1792

Romantic poet

Wealthy family

Left wife for mary shelley

-Represents unrequited love 

At a time when premarital sex wasnt accepted

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Type of poetry point 1

-Could be lyric poetry or dramatic monologue 

-Lyric poetry expresses emotions ='heaven''divine'and 'forgiven'

all religious imagery but just one main idea of nature being united so why cant we be?

-Dramatic monologue

-Dramatic monologue leaves the poet in this case with no answer 

"why not i with thine?"

rhetorical question with'i' first person narrative 

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point 2 structural repetition

Structural repetition shows hes demanding and an argument that everything in the world is united 'mother and baby'+'flower and bee'

refferences to nature become increasingly bigger and 'river'and 'ocean'convey a more celestial imagery whereas he continues with 'sunlight''earth' and 'moonbeam'widened scope of imagery reflects his desperation!!!!!!

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Point 3 semantic field

Semantic field of nature 'river''ocean''sunlight''earth''mountains'

again emphasis the unity between everything in the world

followed by 'clasp'which has a gripping connotation reflecting a sense of urgency and desperation for them to be united

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Rhyme scheme point 4

'river'and 'ever' last 3 sylables create a masculing rhyme 

whereas 'ocean'and 'emotion' are a female rhyme 

this mix of female and masculin rhyme which mingles together reflects want he wishes him and the lady to be 

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1 stanza point 5

The first stanza ends in a question "why not i with thine?"

'i' first person narrative 

suggests she isnt going to do hat he wishes her to and her hesitation stops the flow of the poem

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Personification point 6

Personification is portrayed "fountains mingle"

which reflects the speakers desire to draw parellels between nature with the relationship and this force is showing his desperation 

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