porphyria's lover anthology

porphyria's lover context

Written by Robert Browning -dramatic monologue

obbsession over love links to a pshyco 

hes a famous victorian poet 

focuses on morbid states 

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Personification/pathetic fallacy point 1

"sullen wind was soon awake"personification/pathetic fallacy portrays speaker as irrational and feels victimised by the weather

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changes point 2

"when glided in phorpyria"dramatic shift from negative to positive 'glide'connotation of supernatural /angelic movement of his lover shows speakers unbalanced mentality 

'glide'emphasied by Browning to show the irrational thinking of the speaker 

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point 3 language

"and,last,she sat down by my side"

'last' conveyed by bracketing commers emphasis word'last'which helps us understand the speakers fustrations wanted her imediate attention and shows he is dependant upon her 

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point 4 symbolic occurrences

"spread,o'er all,her yellow hair"

symbolic moment to show her dominating him and showing weakness  of him as he cant exist without her 

"looked up at her"conveys he doesnt like looking up to her and so kills her

when he kills her he reverses the movement and now has her head on his shoulder 

from here on her importance is deminished 

"her little throat"

"her little haed"

to 'it' a pronoun change ovjectifies her lover his possesion 

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Ambiguity point 5

"now your once wish is achieved"

dramatic monolgue an be biased 

he killed her apparently for her wish but 1 st person is biased and therfore was it her wish?

we cant trust his description 

helps us identify him as a murderer 

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Rhyme scheme point 6

Rhyme scheme is masculin 'awake''lake''break'emphasises masculin power and ultimately the dominative nature of him showing male domination over women

The tight control of the rhyme scheme linke to his tight control of her 

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Enjambment point 7

"untied her hat"

enjabment although he wants a tight level of control over her enjabment show his lack of control of a pscho person 

and because the poem has one stanza shows he doesnt stop to think and reader is therfore overwhelmed 

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