When we two parted Anthology

When we two parted context

-Written by lord byron inspired by the end of an affair with lady francis

-Hes had a number of hetrosexual and homosexual relationships 

-Lied about when the poem was published to disguise that lady francis was the centre of the poem

-From a collection of lyric poetry which is poetry expressing emotions

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point 1 -structure

-An example of accentual poetry meaning each line must contain same amount of stressed syllables no matter how many sylables there are in each line 

-"cold thy kiss sorrow to this"

However when accentual verse is later broken"pale grew thy cheek and cold"

refers to rejection of lover words such as 'cold'signify this

The breaking of this structure conveys the poets rejection

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structure point 2 -ambiguity

"half broken-hearted"

ambiguity as well as a caesura showing lord byron presenting himself as the victim 

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Form point 3

Follows a sonnet formation at begining but ends with a fall out of ryhme scheme "thy vows are all broken"

'vows'they once made to eachother and use of marraige language sugests their relationship even though they never married was as sacred as marraige 

previous line ends in a full stop which shows the full stop reflecting the stop of his feelings and a sudden break of rhyme scheme suggests the poet and lady francis did once have a loving relationship before he heard about her"latest infidelity"

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point 4 metaphor

"thy name thee before me,a knell mine ear;"

A metaphor showing 'knell' as a representation of lord byrons friends talking about lady francises "latest infidelity" as 'knell' reflects a funeral aspect and therefore reflects the killing of lord byrons emotions 

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point5-past present future

Poem moves from 

-past"when we two parted"

-present"they name thee before me"

-future"if i should meet thee"

suggests pain inflicted on him will last forever 

-use of 'thee'an old word may imply relationship is timeless and expresses intimacy 

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point 6 -cyclical structure

cyclical structure of "silence and tears"conveys the relationship is doomed to the same repetitive nature of loss and grieve

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an extra point -semantic field

semantic field of love 



broken hearted


semantic field of death





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