Love Through the Ages - Key Quotes

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Love vs Lust - Prose


"His nose was rising and Roman"

"She understood that silent language of new-born love; and from that moment, put on all her additions to beauty"

"Black Venus to our young Mars"

A Passage to India:

Adela's wish to see "the real India"

"one of those thrills so frequent in the animal kingdom passed between them"

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Love vs Lust - Poetry

The Miller's Tale:

Alisoun the "wezele"

Alisoun is "suyved", John is "wood"

Mrs Midas:

"fast food" "unwrapping each other, rapidly,/ like presents"

"touch" x 3

Mrs Faust:

"take his lust to Soho in a cab" "meet panthers"

"Had a facelift, had my breasts enlarged/ my buttocks tightened"

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Love vs Lust - Drama


Love: "content" "comfort" "thanked" "loved" "greatest" "absolute"

"O, my fair warrior!" (they kiss)

"to comply with heat the young affects"

"heavenly" "Amen"

Lust: "Honey" "O, my soul's joy!" contrasts with "subtle whore"

"Twas wondrous pitiful" "hair-bredth scapes"

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Forbidden Love - Prose

Wuthering Heights:

"unchristian" "mad dog" "savage beast" "it"    "It would degrade me to marry Heathcliff"

Cathy "I am Heathcliff"

"Linton's [soul] is as different as..frost from fire"


" 'I love you' he said. As he said it he felt a new danger. The more he loved her, the more friendly he became with her, the more afraid he was that he would tell her what he had done"

"He was at the bottom of a guly, buried in an avalanche of his own making. Lucy...was clinging on to Marcella's leg"

Was greatful that someone "beat him within an inch of his life"

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Forbidden Love - Prose - continued...

The Remains of the Day:

"Why, why, why do you always have to pretend?"

"Such marrying amongst more senior employees can have an extremely disruptive effect on work"

"I get to thinking about a life I might have had...I realize...- my rightful place is with my husband"

A Passage to India:

Aziz + Mrs Moore "he would die to make her happy"

Aziz + Fielding - suspicion "a sort of malignant tumor"

"why can't we be friends now?...It's what I want, it's what you want"

"English people and Indians" friendships end in "disaster"  

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Forbidden Love - Poetry

The Miller's Tale:

Adult     "Til that the belle of laudes gan to rynge"       "hende" Nicholas "wezele" Alisoun

The Flea:

"false fears"      "three sins in killing three"

"marriage temple" = the flea

Little Red Cap:

Into "the woods" from "the houses" "At childhood's end"

"Sweet sixteen, never been, babe, waif"

"what little girl doesn't dearly love a wolf?"

"white dove" "his open mouth" "one bite, dead"

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Forbidden Love - Drama


"An old black ram/ is tupping your white ewe"

"men whose heads/ do grow beneath their shoulders"

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Parental Love - Prose


"He was at the bottom of a gully, buried in an avelanche of his own making. Lucy...was clinging on to Marcella's leg"

The Remains of the Day:

"I hope Father is feeling better now"

"a butler's ability not to abandon the professional being he inhabits"

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Parental Love - Poetry


"Love set you going like a fat gold watch"

"statue" "museum" "cat"

"clear vowles rise like balloons"

This be the Verse:

"They f*** you up, your mum and dad"

"Man hands on misery to man"

On My First Sonne:

"Exacted by thy fate, on the just day"

"what he loves may never like too much" 

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Parental Love - Drama

King Lear:

"dearer than eye-sight" "rich or rare"

"made of that self same metal as my sister"

"foul disease" of Regan and Goneril - Kent

"By Appollo, King" - Kent

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?:

"blonde-eyed blue-haired son"   "a full head of black fine, fine hair"

"You couldn't have...any?" - Nick

"I want a child" (in tears) - Honey "I DON'T WANT ANY"

"rolled up like a foetus"

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Love and Loss - Prose

The Collector:

"I laid her on the bed and comed her hair out and cut a lock. I tried to arrange her face so it had a smile but I couldn't"

"The room's cleaned out now and as good as new"

"She's only an ordinary common shop-girl"

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Love and Loss - Poetry

On My First Sonne:

"Exacted by thy fate on the just day"

"Sinne" was loving too much

"why/will man lament the state he should envie?"

"what he loves may never like too much"


"most like a monumental statue set"

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Love and Loss - Drama


"I loved her too much" (link to On My First Sonne)

"only shadows" repeated

"we're the rats in the cosmic laboratory"

"God the vivisectionist"

"The pain now, is part of the happiness, then"

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Gender Roles in Relationships - Prose

The Great Gatsby:

"There was an excitement in her voice that men...found difficult to forget" (Nick on Daisy)

Tom forces Daisy to say "with perceptible reluctance" "I never loved him"

"there was a wholesome bulkiness about his person and his position" Daisy "flattered"

The Color Purple:

"She spoiled. Twice"

Lady Chatterley's Lover: (referance only)

Clifford wants Connie to have a baby with another man as he is infertile, but he doesn't want her to form an emotional attatchment to said man. She does.

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Gender Roles in Relationships - Poetry

The Miller's Tale:

"And by hir girdel heeng a purs of lether"

"kyde" "calf" "colt"       "For any lord to leggen in his bedde"

from Mrs Tiresias:

"never let on" she'd heard "the first cuckoo of spring" before him - he "wrote to the Times"

"on the arms of powerful men"    "His flirt's smile"

Mrs Midas:

the kitchen's "steamy breath"         "He toyed with his spoon"

"It was then that I started to scream"          "He sank to his knees"

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Gender Roles in Relationships - Drama


"Change the cod's head for the salmon's tail"

"They are but stomachs, and we all but food"


"He lies to the heart" (Emilia defies Iago)

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Obsessive Love - Prose

The Great Gatsby:

"Both of us loved each other all the time, old sport"

The Collector:

"I marked it in my observations diary, at first with X and then when I knew her name, with M"

"la-di-da" vs "The New People"

Enduring Love:

"Joe, Joe, Joe...I'll confess it, I covered five sheets of paper with your name"

"dark, distorting mirror" = De Clerambaults Syndrome

"Questioned in interview...P was evasive and even offended" (lack of sexual motives - Jed)

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Obsessive Love - Poetry

to be completed

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Obsessive Love - Drama

to be completed

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