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-written during the english renaissance: an age of cultural development through poetry amd literature 

-women expected to obey fathers and husbands, fathers chose who they marry; common or higher economic or social situation, women as objects

-play written after the protestant reformation, people questioning society

-racism, interracial marriage not heard of

-massive gap between rich and poor

-religon: superstitous about witches and omens, 

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Handkercheif- symbolises othello and des marriage, handkercheif has been touched by everyone, much the same as their relationship, reason it failed, everyone getting involved

- ironic symbol as meant to symbolise loyalty between eachother but is ultimatley the thing that decieves othello and ruins the relationship 

-symbolises iagos manipulation 

-symbolise dishonesty as othello not honest how he got the handkerchief 

Animals- usually used to symbolise othello as a black man and racist

candle- blows it out before killing desdemona, symbol of death, also dark v light 

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Dramatic Irony

-Audience knows through out that iago is manipulating everyone yet he is always refered to as 'honest'. 

-Iago speaks to Cassio about Bianca, Othello believes that Cassio is laughing about his affair with Desdemona. The audience is aware that Othello is being manipulated as he hides and watches Iago's conversation with Cassio. Cassio is also unaware that Othello is watching as Iago plots against him.

-audience know that des is honest but othello does not 

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- brabantio tells othello she deceived him and may do to him aswell, which othello believes that she does 

-after every tempest come such calms..."- othello stating how something bad may happen between him and des 

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Othello (character) key quotes

"one that loved not wisely but too well"

"she loved me for the dangers i had passed, and i did love that she pity them"

"a man he is of honesty and trust" O about I

"if it were now to die, twere now to be most happy"

"i do not think but desdemonas honest"

"her jesses were my dear heart strings"

"i am black and have not those soft parts of converstaion"

"we can call these delicate creatures ours, and not their appetities" 

"farewell the tranquil mind; farewell content"

"Like the pontic sea whose icy current and compulsive course ne'er feels retiring'

"a horned mans a monster and a beast"

"thou dost stone my heart"

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des and othello relationship progression

names they call eachother :-

begining: 'sweet', 'fair warrior', 'lord', 'dear', 'gentle',  THEN 'whore', 'devil', 'strumpet' 

+ve about relationship 

-"she loved me for the dnagers i had passed, i love her too did pity them"

-"our love and comforts should increase even as our days do grow"

-"to be free and bounteous to her mind"

-ve about relationship

-"an old black ram is tupping your white ewe"

-"to fall in love with what she feared to look on"

-"agaisnt all rules of nature" /" enchanted"

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"i am not what i am"

"in following him, i follow but myself"

"you rise to play and go to bed to work"

"he's done my office" 

"green-eyed monster"

"proposed matches of her own clime, complexion, and degree"

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