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Foreign Policy

Congress System 1818

  • Aix-La-Chappelle and Vienna
  • Tallyrand

Spain 1823-

  • Spanish were revolting against Ferdinand VII because he refused to abide by the charter
  • France got involved to support him
  • Allies did nothing
  • Foreign Policy success, upset French liberal opinion

Greece 1824-

  • Greeks revolting against the Turks for independence
  • France sides with Britain and supports the Greeks
  • Foreign and domestic success
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Domestic Policy

Constitutional Charter 1814

Raised taxes

Army reduction (National Guard), Revived household guard (emigres), Kept Imperial guard (Loyal to Napoleon)

Electoral Law 1817 (Got rid of electoral colleges & lowered voting age)

Military Law 1818 (Promotion by merit)

Press censorship tightened 1822

Bishops influence in education 1824

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Talleyrand July-September 1815

Richlieu 1815-1818, 1820-1821 (moderate royalist)

Dessolles 1818-1819

Decazes 1819-1820 (liberal)

Villele 1821-1828 (Ultra royalist)

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Success or Failure?

Short term mistakes which turn into Long term success.

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