Foreign Policy of Louis XVIII and Charles X

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  • Louis XVIII + Charles X's foreign policy
    • Europe in 1815
      • No Germany, Only Prussia
      • Netherlands were part of Belgium
      • Italy was separate kingdoms, the largest was Piedmont-Sardinia
      • Sweden and Norway were one country
      • Austrian Empire
      • Ottoman Empire
    • Aims of Foreign Policy
      • Re-establish France as a Great Power
      • To Prove that the days of the Napoleonic wars were over
    • Spain 1820
      • Ferdinand refused to adopt the 1812 constitution
        • Ferdinand was a Bourbon
      • Re-establish France as a Great Power
      • Upset Liberal opinion in France
    • Greece 1820
      • Greeks wanted freedom from Turkey
      • Britain, France and Austria to support the Greeks
        • All against Russian expansion
    • Algeria 1830
      • Charles wanted to boost his popularity
        • Wanted to increase the Empire and Algeria was close by
      • France invaded Algeria after the Fan incident


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