How Successful Was The Reign Of Louis XVIII?

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  • How Successful Was The Reign Of Louis XVIII 1815-1824?
    • Personality And Beliefs
      • Believed in his divine right as king- yet kept his views out of the public eye
      • Failing health 1820 onwards- dominated by Charles Comte D'Artois
    • Social and Economic Polcies
    • 1st Restoration 1814-15
      • The 1814 Charter
      • Constitutional Monarchy
        • 2 Chambers- Peers and Deputies
        • King is Head of State- Can veto any amendments to bills, choose ministers and introduce legislation, dissolve parliament and head of the army
    • 2nd Restoration 1815
      • Congress of Aix-La-Chapelle
      • Indemnities of 700 million francs
      • France was reduced to its 1789 borders
      • Allied troops occupied France- Cost the French more money etc
    • A Change In Policies
      • Assassination Of Duc De Berry
        • Resulted in an ultra backlash
        • Only reproducing heir- continuing the bourbon legacy
        • Assassinated by Louvel- Assumed a Bonapartist
        • Dismissal of Decazes- replaced by Richelieu
      • The White Terror 1816
        • Ultras led by Charles Comte d'Artois
    • Political and Religious Policies
      • The Chambre Introuvable
      • The Pays Legal
        • Supported Louis XVIII
    • Successes
      • By 1818 the indemnities for the 2nd restoration were paid
      • Appointed capable, popular ministers
        • Decazes (5th)
        • Richelieu (2nd, 4th and 6th)
      • Tried to work with parliament- accepted constitutional monarchy
      • Resisted pressure from the ultras 1816-1824
        • Chambre Introuvable
      • Aix-La-Chapelle
        • France are once again one of the Great European powers
      • Supported Spanish King against rebels- 1823
    • Failures
      • The White Terror 1816
        • Bonapartists persecuted- Execution of Marshall Ney, 7000 arrested killed or imprisoned
      • Replaced Tricolour with the Bourbon Flag
        • Early mistakes-Concern about aristocratic influence, hence Napoleon was welcomed back during The Hundred Days
          • Put nobles in charge of the household guards
      • Put nobles in charge of the household guards
      • The Hundred Days
        • Undermined Louis XVIII return- Foreign powers felt betrayd by the French Paople
      • Chambre Introuvable 1814-15
        • Wanted to destroy the charter and parliament and the return of emigres land
        • Ultras dominated parliament
    • Foreign Policy
      • Spanish rebels suppressed- France supports Spanish King
        • Showed the strength of Frances army and more confidence in foreign policy
        • Not domestically supported as it was deemed as ancient regime- counter revolutionary


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