life after death

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  • Life after death
    • why people believe in LAD
      • scared of death, hard to accept, morality isn't fulfilled, human potential can be realised, gift from god
      • why people don't believe in LAD
        • biological function. meaningless& unnecessary, empirical evidence at the end of death, life and death are separate states.
    • monism- body/mind and soul are one entity. dualism- distinct and separate entities
    • bodily ressurection
      • god will raise the dead to eternal bodily form. made of spirit, soma pnematikon.
        • key quote ' I am the resurrection and the life. he who believes in me, though he die yet he shall live'
          • criticisms- is the body a copy of us? if we died we cant be brought back to life? are all illnesses cured?
            • Replica theory- all same characteristic= right to regard as same person.
              • key quote- life after death could be ' a resurrection replica in a different world altogether, a resurrection world inhabited by resurrected persons
              • criticisms- undermine personal identity, replica isn't the same/as valuable as the original. eschatological verification
    • immortality of the soul
      • plato- the body will one day cease to exist. the soul will go to a higher realm.
        • heaven and hell- dawkins described purgatory as- '...a hadean waiting room where dead souls go if their sins aren't bad enough to send them to hell'
          • criticisms- how does the soul relate to its surroundings? is this really life after death?
      • kant- summon bonum, humans cant achieve it in one life time.


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