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Chances Peak - Montserrat

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Details About The Eruption

Chances Peak - Montserrat


Date: July 1995-1997


Location: Montserrat, Caribbean

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Causes Of The Eruption

Causes: Subduction of the Atlantic Plate beneath the Caribbean Plate

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Impacts Of The Volcano

Primary Impacts:

  • 2/3 of the island had an ash coverage of up to 10m
  • 23 deaths
  • Floods from blocked rivers
  • Pyroclastic flow caused forest fires
  • Towns, buildings and farmland destroyed

Secondary Impacts:

  • Half the population moved away from the island
  • The South of the island was uninhabitable
  • Tourism has declined due to fear of another eruption
  • The capital became deserted
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Responses To The Eruption

  • Evacuation from danger areas
  • Seclusion zones set up to prevent injuries
  • A new capital was made because Plymouth (the old capital) was too close to Chances Peak
  • Loaned money from the British Government to help rebuild
  • Volcano observatory set up to try to predict future eruptions
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