La Haine Key Quotes

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  • La Haine Key Quotes
    • "**** the police"
    • "The schools burned down"
    • "We're causing no trouble" - to police on roof in banlieues
    • "What kind of work, stirring up ****?" - to news crew
    • "A cop lost his gun in the riot"
    • "We look like looters to you lady?" - to news crew
    • "You're headed for big ****" - about Vinz with gun
    • "With that piece you're a big man?" - to Vinz about gun
    • "We won't make trouble."
    • "Most cops don't beat on you, they protect you" - lieutenant at hospital
    • "If Hubert hadn't been there, I'd have shot him"
    • "You think we'd spend our Sundays visiting you in jail?"
    • "What's the big deal? I've got one too"
    • "The hardest thing is stopping" - police about torture of Said and Hubert
    • "Off the estates" - art gallery owner
    • "You think you're on film?" - boys on roof
    • "So far so good"
    • "The world is yours"
      • Said changes to "The world is ours"
    • "A good skinhead is a dead skinhead"
    • "You were on that roof" - police at end to the boys
    • "It's the story of a society in free fall"


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