Key words- Carbon Stores

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The Lithosphere

  • Carbon is stored in the lithosphere in both organic and inorganic forms
  • Inorganic deposits of carbon include fossil fuels, such as coal
  • Organic substances include humic substances and organic matter
  • Marine sediments and sedimentary rock contains up to 100million GtC
  • Organic soil matter contains between 1,500 to 1,600 GtC
  • Fossil fuel deposits of coal, gas and oil contain approximately 4,100 GtC
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The Hydrosphere

  • The surface layer (euphotic zone) is where sunlight penetrates, allowing photosynthesis to take place- contains approx 900 GtC
  • The intermediate (twilight zone) and the deep layer of water contains approx 37,100 GtC
  • Living organic matter (fish, plants, bacteria) amount to approx 30 GtC and dissolved organic matter 700 GtC
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