Jesus ' suffering, death and resurrection

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the entry into jerusalem


jesus sent two desciples to go and get a colt (young donkey) from a village. They got it for him and he road into Jersulam on a colt. crouds came to great him and put down clothes and branches. they yell "Hossanna. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the lord: Blessed be the kingdom of our father Davis which is coming. Hossana in the highest heven."


  • people had to enter on foot unless they were a king they would ride on horces.
  • jesus was making a statement- riding in like a king but on a colt to show his humility 
  • MESSIANIC SECRET REVELED- he was the messiah but he came in humility and peace 
  • Hossanah= save us conbind with son of david- they were hoping they would save them- manythough the messiah would be the decendant of David.
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The Sanhedrin's dilemma


they wanted to find away to kill jesus but not durig passover because people may riot.

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the anointing at Bethany


jesus was eating ina house at Bethany and a woman comes in and breaks an expecive perfum and annoints him. Some poeole objest and say that money should have gone to the poor. Jesus said that what she has done is annoted me before my burial and that she will always be remebered. 


  • anointing- symbolic in two ways 

- "messiah" means the "anointed  one". Kings were anointed in the OT so its another sign that he si the messiah 

-Bodies were anointed after death as a symbol of respect. Jesus sees this anointung as a sign of his coming death

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arrangement for betrayal

why did Jedus betray Jesus

  • some think greed- promised a fee 
  • he may have thought that jesus would start an upriseing against the romans but jesus made it clear that he would not. 
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The last supper


3 main points 

Passover- important jewish festival 

jesus predicts that one of the twelve will betray him 

he breaks bread and says its his body and gives thanks to a cup of wine and said that this is my blood. he also says that this will be his last meal untill he joins the kingdom of God.


Jesus knows whats going to happen to him:

  • jedus will betray him
  • word of the bread and wine shows that he is going to die 

"drink it new in the kingdom of God" refures to as the messianic banquet symobol of the new age of the messiah. 

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the last supper (2)

significance for christians 

  • at mass chrstans celibrate the last supper
  • they beleve that they are re-enacting and remebering jesus death and reserection in the holy communtion. 


holy communion is very importnt to christians. you may be asked to discuss the most imprtant duty for christians. holy commuion the most ancient and importnt forms of worship but there are things like praying by yourself or with others, worship, hyms and Bible reading. 

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Jesus in Gethsemane


Jesus goes to pray with his deciples. he takes Peter, Jmes and John with him. he asks them to keep watch for him. then he goes to pray and says "take this cup from me, yet not what i will, but what you will". he came back to the deciples and three times they were sleeping. solides from the cheif priest arreat jesus. Jusdus kisses Jesus on the cheek as a way of identifying him. all the desiples run away icluding naked man-mark? jeus is taken to the hight priest and peter follows 


  • its a low point for jesus. he nows whats coming and prays like a vunralble human 
  • jesus asks to escape the suffering but only at Gods will
  • Cristians can realte to jesus' fear and anxiety. it shows its is not wrong to be weak and affraid  christainas who are being percecuted would find this conforting.
  • they can also realte to the deciples. it was late and falling asleep was natural and mark often shows the weakness of deciples. they let Jesus down but he understands. this could help weak chritians 
  • also proves running away. Discples swore nver to leave but promise is easy corage is hard.
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jesus trail before the Sanhedrins

rules of a sanhedrins trial. 

  • not be held at night or the eve of a jewish feast 
  • final verdict should not be given untill the day has pased 
  • should be held at the hall of Hewn stone
  • trail should begain with why the person is innocent 
  • testmony is only valed if given by two whitness and they have to agree 
  • the high preist can not ask direct questions 
  • conviction for blashphomy should only hppen when Gods personal name is used


jesus appears before the jewish court (sanhedrins). flave evidence is given about jesus destrying the temple court and rebuliding it. whitnesses dont agree. the hight preist ask him "are you the messiah?" and he replys "i am" jesus admits publically who he is. then the high priest rips of his robe (sign of blasphemy) spits on him, blindfolds him and hits him. 

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jesus trail before the Sanhedrin's (2)


  • at the jewish trial jesus says who he is publically for the first time- he agrees that he is the son of God and the Messiah but he still refures to himself as the son of man
  • trial is unfair because they break lots of the rules
  • the sanhedrin's could not send someone to death so they had to send him to the romans-pilate 
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trial before pilate


pilate asks jesus "are you the king of the jews. jesus does not answer pilate is amazed. pilate realises thsat the jews brought him here outof jealousy. he offers to realse jesus as a local custom but the crowd chooses to realse another prisnor barabbas (a murderer) and wanted jesus to be crucified instead. even though pilate knew that jesus was innocent he didnt want tp upset the crowd and sent jesus to be whipped and sent to death and then the soliders mocked jesus- they gave hima crown of thorns. 


  • the trial is short- some of marks early readers were Romans so Mark didnt want to offend them. 
  • Barabbas- a symbol of what jesus does for the people. they are gulity and he is inocent but he dis instead. 
  • pialats acctions are politiacal- he knows jesus is innocent but he want to avaid a roit
  • the moking of the soliders furfills the prophecy that he is a suffering messiah 
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the crucifixion



Simon of Crrene carried jesus cross. he was cruxified at Golgotha (palce fo skulls). jesus is given wine mixed with myrrh but he refused it. "king of the jews" hangs over his head. Two criminals are crucified next to him one on the right and one on the left. passers by and the chief priest moke him."he save others but he cannot save himself" 

12 darkness over the whole land and at 3 jesus scremes "eloi, eloi lama sabachthani" whitch means "my God my God why have you forsaken me?" some people think that he is calling for Elijah. they run and get a sponge with vinigaron a stick. Jesus dies. the Temple curtain is torn in two. a roman centurion says "this really was the son of God"

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the crucifixion (2)


  • simon of Cyrene- eye whitness for this important event 
  • myrrh- pain killer- jesus doesnt take it becasue he accepts the suffering 
  • eloi eloi etc -aramacic jesus own langage 
  • tearing of the temple curtain- is a sign that jesus death removes the barrier between God and humans forever
  • centurion- first person to recognise jesus as the son of God after his death and he is a gentile. this is a sign that the good news is for everyone 
  • the woman- looked down on but they were crutial whitness and christiantiy gave them more equal rights. 
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the burial


Joseph of Arimathea- one of the sadhedrins- went the pilate and asked for jesus dead body. Pilate is supprise to hear that Jesus is already dead and agrees to give him the body. Jesus body is wrapped in linen and put in a tomb a woman is a whitness to where it is laid. 


  • burial is rushed becasue it has to be done before nightfall and the begging of the sabbath. 
  • pilate, centurion and the woman- Mark wanted to show us that he is really dead. so that people didnt think that it was a mistake and jesus just recovered. 
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the empty tomb


early on suday Mary of Magdala, Mary mother of james and salome went to the tomb to anoint the body with spices. they were wondering how they would role away the stone but when they arrived it was already moved. there was a young man dressed in white who told them about the resurrection "do not be affraid. you are looking for Jesus of Nazareth who was crucified. he is risen he is not here" he told them to go tell Peter and the Desiples. but they ran away terrified. 


  • woman are the first whitnesses to the reserection 
  • young man in white- mark thinks he is a angle 
  • Peter is singled out- to show that he is forgiven for deniying Jesus 
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resurrection appearances

there is a alternative ending to the gosple added on later because it felt incomplete. 


first he appear to Mary Magdalene then to the 11 deciples (-  judus) after telling them off for their lack of faith he gave them commision- to go and preach the gospel to all the nations. 

then jesus went up into heaven and sat at the right hand of God. the deciples went out and preached. 

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the importance of the crucifixion for christians

christians beleve that Jesus death and resurection are key to Gods plan to save mankind. Christains have come up with many reasons why Jesus had to die. 

  • Self-giving love - "My God, My God why have you forsaken me?" Jesus in death experienced everything that humans feel- including ebing cut off from God. Christains think he did this willingly to take out sins of humanity. (even though he was innocent) 
  • his death reconciles between God and Man. tearing the temple curtain is a symblol of this 
  • victory- eventhough the cruxfixtion seems like a failur the resurrection the cross is a symbol jesus' victory. Love beats the forces of hate and evil. 
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