The identity of Jesus

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  • The identity of Jesus
    • Son of God
      • The king of Israel was sometimes called God's son, but Jesus never used this title to describe himself.
        • The title is used by both Matthew and Mark at Jesus' Baptism and his transfiguration
          • This title has become more popular today after Jesus' death and resurrection and is used in the church.
    • Christ/Messiah
      • They both mean "anointed one"
        • Jesus never referred himself as a messiah, rather a "suffering servant"
          • In the gospels the writers made it very evident that Jesus is the messiah.
    • Son of David
      • King David was regarded as the greatest king of israel
        • Most Jews expected their future messiah to be a descendant of David.
          • When this title is used to describe Jesus it confirms that they believe Jesus to be the messiah.
    • Son of Man
      • This was used by the OT prophet Ezekiel to describe himself. He wanted to show he was an ordinary man, likewise Jesus may have used this title to show his disciples he was a person like them.
      • It was also used in the prophecy of Daniel 7v13 to describe a figure with authority from God.
        • Many connected this prophecy with the idea of the coming messiah.
      • Jesus used the title "son of man" when he talked about his ministry on earth, his death and this ascension into heaven.
    • Saviour
      • "Jesus" means "God saves"
      • Christians believe that Jesus offers salvation to humankind through his death and resurrection.
        • This means Jesus sacrificed himself and took the punishment that was due


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