jesus ministry

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roman rules in palestine

romans wanted peace and sustainability in their empire.


palastine was the roman name for Israel

romans took over in 63 BCE

romans conpromised with jews to keep the peace.

  • jews didn't have to worship the empire.
  • perform military services
  • roman flags not to be brought into the temple. 
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religious or political groups in Palestine (1)

Marks Gospel referes to a number of political or religious groups in Palasitine 


  • most of them were priests and concened with the temple and the worship inside the temple. 
  • Little intrest in other jews
  • conservative approach on religion, resisting change.
  • rejected any beliefs towards the new laws or Torah 
  • did not believe in life after death or the MESSIAH!!!


  • supreme council  of the jews
  • consisted mainly of sadducces 
  • most important member the high priest
  • over saw the running of the temple
  • also law court 
  • seen to support romans and watch out for rebelion (jesus rebelled!!!)
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religious or political groups in Palestine (2)


  • they were in every town and village 
  • helped in the synagogues
  • foward looking and often highly respected by other jews
  • believe that the Kingdom of God would come when everyone kepted a Torah. 
  • they observed the Torah very strictly
  • waited for the decendant of David to come and be the Messah
  • didnt like the Romans but would not use violence as a way of overthrowing them


  • experts in the law or Torah 
  • created many extra rules 
  • many of them were pharises and some rabbis. 


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jesus baptism

3 things happen at the baptism and their sybolism.

  • dove appears - holy spirit/ peace
  • heavens open- presence of God
  • a voice from heaven- confirmation that jesus is the son of God "you are my son, of whom i am well pleased."

significance for Jesus

  • told he is the son of god 
  • start of his ministry 
  • see's himself as the messiah but knows form the begging that he will be a suffring messiah. 

significance for christians 

  • baptism shows Jesus humility (didnt need to be cleared from sins)
  • shows authory as Son of God 
  • Baptism is a way of entering the church as well as being cleared from sins. 
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the temptation

after the baptism he was driven in the desert for 40 days where he was tested by saten. 

what happens in the desert and the sybolism 

  • 40 days- long period of time 
  • with wild beast and the devel- they are trying to lead him astray but she shows strength and is not tempted.
  • angels- messengers of God and they show God support. 

what this means for jesus

  • he is being tested
  • when he retuns he will be ready to start his mission knowing God helped him though the tempation.
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Caesarea Phllippi

overveiw of the story 

Jesus and the deciples are in the village of Caesarea Philippi and Jesus asks them who do people say I am?  "Some say you are John the baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, one of  the prophets." Jesus then asked them who they think he is Peter replys "you are christ" Jesus warned them not to tell anyone. He began to teach that the son of man must suffer and die and rise agin. Peter rebukes this and jesus said "get behind me saten" "you do not have in mind the things of God but the things of man"


  • first recored recognition of Jesus as the Messiah 
  • jesus predicts that he will suffer and die then be reserected 

importance for jesus 

  • "watershed' moment- from this point on it's all about his inevitable death.
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Caesarea Philippi (2)

importance for deciples 

  • understood that jesus is the Messiah
  • they learn that being a deciple means that they have to be willing to follow the same path of sacrificing as suffering 

imortance for christians 

  • chirst sufferring and death is part of Gods plan. jesus must suffer. this is the good news of the Gospel. suffering has a purpose. 
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the transfiguration


6 days after Caesarea Philippi jesus took Peter, James and John (inner circle) to a high mountain. Jesus transfigered before them. HIs clothes turned whiter they could have been bleached. Then Elijah and Moses appeared. Peter said "rabbi, it is good for us to be here. Lets put up three shelters- one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah. Then a cloud appeared and surrounded them and a voice came and said "this is my son, whom I love, listen to him" then the disciples looked arround and didn't see anyone but jesus. 

main points 

  • Moses= the law- Elijah = the prophets - when they are with Jesus they are confirming that he is the son of God 
  • Mountains - where God speaks to his people in the Old Testerment 
  • cloud- presence of God 
  • Messianic Secret- doesn't want them to tell anyone that he is the messiah 


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the transfiguration (2)

significance for jesus 

  • reasures him that he is on the right path- even if it leads to death. 

significance for Peter, James and John

  • at his confession Peter tries to persuade Jesus that suffering wasn't neccessary. He now realises that whatever happens Jesus is the Messaih 
  • voice "listen to him"- whatever Jesus willl say about suffering won't be easy to understand but they have to listen 

significance for christians 

  • reminds us that suffering and glory go hand in hand. There's always hope even when things look bad. 

impotant - you may be asked to debate the most important moment in jesus' life the transfigeration along with baptism, crucifixtion and reserection are good ones to pick 

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