Background to Mark's Gospel Key Terms

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  • Mark's Gospel
    • Gospel: literally, 'good news'
    • Authority: Christians believe that the gospels should be respected as conveying deep religious truths
    • Source: a text, statement, person, etc that supplies information
    • Disciple: followers of Jesus, this term is often used to refer the first twelve followers of Jesus; any Christian in any age, who lives their lives according to Gospel values
    • The Passion: the term used to describe Jesus' suffering prior to his death
    • Ministry: this word means 'service'. When used to with reference to Jesus, it refers to his three years' work of teaching and healing. His ministry began with his baptism and ended with his crucifixion.
    • Kingdom of God: wherever God is honored as King and his authority accepted.
      • Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God on both Heaven and Earth. The rule of God.
    • Persecuted: to be treated badly, for example arrested, tortured, killed or denied rights as a result of one's beliefs
    • Miracle: an event that lies beyond normal human knowledge and understanding.It is an unexplained event with religious significance.


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