Title for Jesus - Son of Man

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The title 'Son of Man' is Jewish and has its background in the Old Testament. 

The title that Jesus used for himself

The title occurs 14 times in Mark's Gospel and, according to Mark, it was the title that Jesus used to describe himself. In the 1st Century, it is thought to have simply meant 'I'. Jesus may have chosen it deliberately because it was vague and, if challenged, he could simply say that it meant a man. It could mean many things and, unlike Messiah, it didn't suggest a political/worldly king. It was therefore a safer word to use in order to avoid arrest and continue his ministery.

Jesus used the title to refer to his MINISTRY, HIS SUFFERING and HIS GLORY.

Old Testament

The title 'Son of Man' is used in the Old Testment. It is used…


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