Jeff Buckey- Grace


Card 1: Jeff Buckley-Grace

Intro: guitar riff(picked notes), gentle synth and key is unclear. Next the drums come in, the guitar is strummed and the whole band plays. the key is now major.

Verse1: low pitched singing, drums and guitar, drop D tuning with step movements. Unusual chords are used and many toms are used.

Pre-Chorus1: vocals, chords and bass all ascend and then decend. ends with a drum fill.

Chorus1: "wait in the fire" is sung four times, the last time=longest and is also melismatic. 2 voices an octave apart, ends in a whisper.

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Card 2: Jeff Buckley-Grace

Intro2: same as first intro but there is mandolin-style strumming (v fast strumming) part way through.

Verse2: added swooping effect.

Pre-Chorus2: violins are now added and played both bowed and plucked (pizzicato).

Chorus2: same as before but at the end there is a big drum fill.

Midlle1: Drums are played loud and busy. voice moves up and down in steps- no words are sung, just "ohs" with harmonies.

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Card 3: Jeff Buckley-Grace

Middle2: telephone voice is now used, vocals are humming with a falsetto (v high) voice over the top. the same chords are used as the pre-chorus.

Intro3: uses panning (jumps from one speaker to the other, the strings are muted and Jeff taps on the body of the guitar.

Verse3: much louder and higher, Jeff is almost screaming the words.

Outro: v loud with lots of improvised screaming. the same chords from the chorus are used and the drums are v busy. guitar uses flanger. ends with quiet "aahs" in octaves.

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