Jeff Buckley Grace

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Jeff Buckley Grace- Structure

- Follows song structure used in a lot of popular music

- Includes an:

  • Intro
  • Outro
  • 3 verses
  • Middle 8
  • Links between all the parts
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Jeff Buckley Grace- Melody

- Melody is mainly based around the vocals

- At times the vocals show off Buckley's virtuosic ability with high falsetto parts and improvised vocals.

- The distortion and telephone EQ are used in the electric guitar

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Jeff Buckley Grace- Harmony

- Harmony is mainly based aroun Em chords however at points the piece is modal and it also ends modal

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Jeff Buckley Grace- Texture

- The intro begins monophonic

- By the 1st verse all parts except the strings are playing- homophonic

- It remains homophonic throughout until the end where all parts except the vocals drop out- monophonic

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Jeff Buckley Grace- Instrumentation

- The song is played by a typical rock band except for the addition of strings and acoustic guitar

- Many techniques are used on the guitar including:

  • Flanger in the outro
  • Picking at the start

- Strings play pizzicato in one verse

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