Music Set Pieces 2011-2013

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Grace - Jeff Buckley

Rock and Pop of the 1990's: 

  • Nirvana
  • Pearljam
  • Soundgarden

Many albums were censored with warnings of explicit content. Rap music became political and harder. In the UK dance music dominated the charts along with American grunge.

Hip-hop influenced the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Oasis, Blur, Pult, ect.

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Jeff Buckley's 'Grace'

  • Jeff was born in 1966 in California.
  • He taught himself guitar from age 5.
  • He was influenced by folk, punk, jazz and reggae.
  • In 1992 Columbia Records offered him a record deal for 3 albums.
  • Grace was released in August 1994.
  • Grace was Jeff's only completed album.
  • He tragically drowned age 30 in 1997.
  • An early death led to him being known as 'Rock's Last Great Romantic'.

Themes of his songs were: love, inner strife and separation.

The album Grace is a folk rock style but the song Grace is a rock ballad. 

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  • Guitars (drop D tuning)
  • Vocals
  • Strings (pizzicato, synthesizer strings)
  • Drum kit
  • Bass

Guitar Techniques:

  • Drop D tuning - Where the lowest string in a D
  • Slide - A metal/glass device used to slide from one note to another.
  • Whispers - Picking the note with the volume turned down, then turning it up quickly.
  • Vibrato - The finger stopping the string is wobbled.
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Power Chords - A chord or combination of notes used in rock music abd typically selected to sound good at high volume and high levels of distortion.

Structure of Grace

Intro - Verse 1 - Pre Chorus - Chorus

Link - Verse 2 - Pre Chorus - Chorus

Middle 8

Link - Verse - Outro

Word Painting - where the melody goes up or down on certain words to create a specific mood. 

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The time signature is 12/8, this means four dotted crochet beats per bar. Most rock songs are in 4/4.

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