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The goal during life is to complete submission to the will of Allah.

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Goals - Islam = Submission

Islam means submission. Muslim means one who submits.

Live their whole lifes in submission to the will of Allah.

Muslims believe that their main goal is to live life as an act of worship (Ibadah)

Muslims believe that they can submit to Allah by following the five pillars and Sharia Law.

Prayer positions emphasise the importance of submission to Allah.

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Goals - Ishan and Taqwa

Ishan is living with Allah at the forefront of your mind.

Ishan is to worship Allah as if you are seeing him, for he sees you even if you do not see him (hadith).

Taqwa is becoming aware of Allah.

It alters the entire motivation for doing kind or good deeds.

Wilfully avoiding actions that lead the degeneration of this consciousness.

Consciously undertaking steps and actions that will strengthen it.

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Goals - Submission

Personal and social life - Muslims believe that Islam is a way of life and cannot be separated from any part of their daily life - whether social, economic or political. It is not that one must keep Allah's will to live, but rather that one desires to please Allah in and out one's life.

As an end in itself - One is not kind or generous or thoughtful because 'it pays' (obliging others to return the favour), but because one is living as Allah intended - as his viceroy who cares for the whole of the created order.

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Final Goals of Existence

The final goal of existence is paradise as a reward for faithfulness to Allah.

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Final Goals of Existence - Resurrection

Muslims believe in resurrection of the body rather than immortality of the soul.

Everyone is resurrected, regardless of faith.

Everyone is resurrected in peak peak physical form.

People who die as children are resurrected as children.

Sould (ruh) and body will join together again.

Three Types

The Greater - for all of mankind on judgement day.

The Middle - religion is renewed.

The Minor - hour of death for each individual. Soul discovers the worth of its actions.

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Final Goals of Existence - Judgement

Only Allah knows when this will happen.

Angel blows trumpets signalling the end of the world as we know it.

Dead are resurrected from Barzakh.

Earth is rolled up like a carpet.

The living and resurrected are brought to the plain of judgement.

Will stand before Allah to hear an account of their life.

Book of life handed to us (left hand hell, right hand heaven)

Discover if they fail or pass Allah's test.

Cross the Sirat Bridge (or not)

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Final Goals of Existence - Impact of Resurrection

Gateway to eternal life with Allah.

Point where we meet Allah face-to-face.

Point where justice will be served.

Comfort that death is not the end.

Comfort that we will meet loved ones again.

Comfort during suffering.

Gives purpose and meaning to life.

Live healthier lives (peak physical form)

Addsmeaning to the worship of Allah and submitting to his will. Reinforces the power and love of Allah.

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Final Goals of Existence - Barzakh

Intermediate stage between death and resurrection.

Sleeping state.

No awareness of time.

No harm can come.

Different traditions - some believe you are to be questioned about your belief and clubbed if you do not show belief in Islam, Allah and Muhammad.

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Final Goals of Existence - Akhirah

Al Jannah

  • Paradise
  • A home for the righteous.
  • A perfect garden with rivers, shade and no extremes in temperature.
  • Cushions, carpets, riches etc.
  • Milk and honey to drink.
  • Place of security protected from hell.


  • Hell
  • An abyssfalling to a great depth.
  • Extremes in temperature with boiling water and pus to drink.
  • Remedial nature.
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