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    • God is...
      • omnipresent present everywhere at the same time
      • omnipotent having unlimited power
      • omniscient knowing everything
      • omnibenevolent all loving or infinitly good
    • God created everything
      • he created the world in six days and rested on the seventh
        • Which is why sunday is considered gods day and a day for rest
      • He created humans in gods own image
    • a personal god
      • God has human characteristics and we each have a relationship with him
      • God responds to prayers
      • Seen as 'merciful father' or 'mighty king'
        • Antrophormic: having human characteristics
    • An immanent God
      • People can experience god in their lives
      • He acts in history and influences events
      • God is present in the universe and involoved with life on earth
    • A transcendent God
      • God is beyond and outside of life on earth and the universe
      • god is not limited by time or space
      • he existed before he creation of the universe so must be seperate
      • A god who is eternal, almighty, all knowing must be beyond the world
    • An impersonal God
      • God is more of a force than a person
      • God has no human characteristics
      • God is an absolute being
    • What is god really like?
      • Many believers would say that God is all 4 of these
      • Some would emphasize one description more than another
      • Basically god is beyond human understanding
    • Problems?
      • IImmanent
        • if god is 'in the world', does he become part of the world? How can he have created the world?
      • Transcendent
        • If the god is remote and separate, how can people relate to God?
      • Personal
        • How can god be everywhere at the same time, care for all and answer prayers if he is a person?
      • IMpersoal
        • How can people have a meaningful relationship with a 'force' or 'impersonal spirit'?


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