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Future Development

Emerging technologies


  • quicker and more efficient ways 
  • need ways to collect and analyse data 
  • process customer purchases quickly and to improve profitability
  • carry out complex calcualtions on large amounts of data 
  • powerul processors and large amounts of memory and storage sapce
  • commnuciaton needed to help busienss people
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Future Development

Emerging Technologies

Major Impacts:

  • reduction in size of devices 
  • increase in processing power
  • methods of storage (increased portability)
  • advances in telecommunications, to transport data almost instantly.
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Future Development

Emerging Technologies

Mobile working:

Past= business traveler would carry:

  • laptop- producing documents
  • mobile phone- making calls
  • PDA-short notes and contact information

Present= phones have:

  • cameras
  • address books
  • music
  • video players
  • notebook
  • connect to internet

The phones are becoming smaller and more functions that require businesses to adapt

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Future Development

Emerging Technologies


digital data enables user to:

  • listen to music
  • watch TV
  • take part in interactive programs

the TV guides/ schedules are becoming more easier to navigate and users can also download and view at their own convenience.

channels can be easily created, such as a Football team giving more control over the marketing and experience for the fans

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Future Development

Emerging Technolgies

Ubiquitous computing 

user interacts with a range of devices that work together seamlessly


  • clothes have a tag that are read by a washing machine so it automatically know how to wash them

Each connected item will need a individual ID by a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)


  • mobile phones could be used used to pay for good

others include 'Semacode tag' that link to website URLs and 'GPS' to track anything (phones + bags)

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Future Development

Potential future uses of ICT


define- are mainframe computers that are amongst the most powerful computers at any particular time.

they are used to model weather and climate, to investigae the performacne of new drugs.

Brain- controlled computing

humans give off electrical signals and there is the possibility of using brain waves to control device.

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Future Development

Implications of future developments

Mobile working

  • business don't need the staff to be physically present in the office every day due to teleworking and videoconferencing with advances in communication technologies with Wifi, Bluetooth and mobile broadband.
  • but it might be stressful as the staff cant escape and relax with security concern, 24/7 contact and data being at risk


  • predict future illnesses , as it investigates all 20,000 or more genes in human DNA with computer databases

Interplanetary Internet?

internet to communicate between networks using protocols

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