SDLC - Maintenance

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  • SDLC
    • Maintenance
      • Provide technical document(ation) to help the network manager or to help future SW Developers of the new system
        • Eg. To edit code in the future
      • Provide user document(ation) to help new users with how to operate the functions of the new system
      • Possible Maintenance Issues
        • Identification of Errors - Bugs as the system has not been fully tested
        • Security Issues - Being targeted  by viruses or hackers
        • Changes in the Business Environment - Downsizing / expansion changing the role of the company
        • Changes in Legislation - VAT rates increase or tax deductions from wages change
        • Upgrading the System - New technology is available
    • System Maintenance Methods
      • Perfective Maintenance
        • Improving the performance & efficiency of the SW
        • Examples
          • Improving access times to data and speed at which reports are produced
          • Improve the user interface upon feedback from from users who are finding it more difficult to use than it needs to be
      • Corrective Maintenance
        • Bugs in the SW which were not discovered during the testing may need correcting
        • Examples
          • SW may crash when being used with another piece of SW
          • SW may crash when used with a particular item of HW
          • SW may present a security risk that needs correcting
          • Problems with reports not printing out correctly
      • Adaptive Maintenance
        • SW may need to be changed, owing to the changing needs of the business
        • Examples
          • SW may need to be altered to be more flexible in supplying the managers with info which was not envisaged at the time of development
          • Changes to values such as the percentage rate of VAT or changes to income tax will results in changes to SW
          • The organisation expands, so the SW needs to be altered, so that it is able to cope with an increased amount of users
          • SW may need to be adapted to work with newly developed OS or HW.
          • A new virus threat / hacker that means that the SW will need to be adapted to protect against this


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