If- - Rudyard Kipling (Anthology Section C)


Part 1

Written - 1909

Context - Mainly about the Boer War which had happened 1899 - 1902

Message of the Poem - Be generous to everyone

                                        - Go on With Life

                                        - Father gives advice on how to live life and be a good leader

                                        - Shows correct way of living

                                        - Teaches us how to protect ourself from evil

                                        - parenting

Hasn't got that many sound devices but has a rhythm

Tone - Inspirational                               -Confident                  -Dramatic                

-Commanding yet slightly optional          -Positive                     -Encouraging

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Part 2

- 'If you...' repeated throughout poem

- Line 1+2 - Having self-confidence, faith and conviction.

Line 3+4 - Try to tolerate opposing views without being arrogant and you must also make sure not to be self-doubting.

- Line 7 - Be patient and honest because in the end the truth will come out.

- Line 8 - Don't be concieted/high-headed.

- Line 9 - You should dream but not let your dream you as that will make you stbborn and arrogant.

- Line 10 - You should have thoughts but not become an irrational slave to them.

- Line 11 - Personifies 'Triumph and Disaster' which makes it more important and cunning.

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Part 3

Line 12 - Act the same in triumph and disaster. When you are triumphed, don't boast about it and get carried away. When you are facing death, don't pity yourself too much. Be calm in both situations.

Line 13+14 - Have the courage to speak the truth but also be prepared to have people twist your words.

Line 16 - teaching his son to preserve even when he has lost everything.

Line 17+18 - you must be able to take risks.

Line 20 - even when you have lost everything, you should not be disheartened /shouldn't be complaining.

Line 21+22 - show courage even when you are scared and gives hope.

Line 24 - personifies 'Will' to add interest to the poem. This line also links to line 11; 'Triumph and Disaster'.

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Part 4

Line 25 - Don't misuse your power and stay humble.

Line 26 - Stay down to earth.

Line 27 - hold your friends and enemies on the same esteem.

Line 28 - Don't get too close to anyone in particular. Make many friends and then there will be more people willing to help you.

Line 29 - 'unforgiving minute' personification.

Line 30 - Pace yourself, don't run too fast and don't run too slow.

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