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If ­ Rudyard Kipling

Themes Inspirational/Motivational/aspirations
Type Dramatic Monologue
Links Mother in a Refugee Camp ­ Courage
Do Not Go Gentle ­ Courage/exhortation (encourage to fight)
My Last Duchess ­ Dramatic Monologue


Written by Rudyard Kipling and was awarded a Nobel Prize for Literature

Work based on his knowledge…

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Regular rhyme scheme and meter

Orderliness almost is a military rhythm

Four verses of eight lines

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Prayer Before Birth ­ Louis MacNeice

Theme Birth and Death & Powerful Imagery
Type Dramatic Monologue
Link If ­ Dramatic Monologue
My Last Duchess ­ Dramatic Monologue

Background Written by Louis MacNeice ­ written during WWII

Form and Tone

The title tells us that it is a prayer and reads…

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Comparison of Hitler to the beast and thinking he is God ­ reference to his inhuman acts
and his obsession of controlling people.

Rhythm and metre Doesn't have a regular rhythm ­ it builds by use of alliteration and short, one
syllable words (monosyllabic)

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Poem at ThirtyNine ­ Alice Walker

Themes Parent/Child Relationship, Love, Loss
Type Free Verse
Link Piano ­ Childhood/love/strong emotions


Written by Alice Walker ­ awarded Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (The Colour Purple)

The poet wrote this poem at an age where most people face a new phase in life…

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Informal and familiar


The first twothirds of the poem has a tone of regretful longing

The tone is conversational

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Piano by D. H. Lawrence

Themes Childhood, Parent/Child, Parental Love, Nostalgia & memories
Link Poem at Thirty Nine ­ Parent/child, Parental Love, Childhood
My Last Duchess ­ Rhyming Couplets
Type Rhyming Couplets


Written by D. H. Lawrence (wrote over 800 poems)

His childhood was dominated by poverty and the…

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He clearly admires and loves his mother

His memories shows mixed emotions

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Remember ­ Christina Rossetti

Theme Love/Loss, Death, Grief, Hope ­ that death is not the end
Type Sonnet
Link Poem at Thirty Nine ­ Love/Loss
Do not go Gentle... Death


Written by Christina Rossetti ­ suffered from illness and so it isn't surprising that she
explores the theme of…

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The sestet CCCDED ­ changes the mood less regular so more conversational

The repetition of remember is haunting ­ almost like a ghostly whisper or a bell tolling at a


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