Poetry Anthology Key Points

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If ­ Rudyard Kipling
Themes Inspirational/Motivational/aspirations
Type Dramatic Monologue
Links Mother in a Refugee Camp ­ Courage
Do Not Go Gentle ­ Courage/exhortation (encourage to fight)
My Last Duchess ­ Dramatic Monologue
Written by Rudyard Kipling and was awarded a Nobel Prize for Literature
Work based on his knowledge of the Middle East
The poem "If" is addressed to his son, John, you died in WWI
Presents opposite values ­ "keep...lose" etc ­ suggesting a central part of life's
achievements are steering a middle course
Addressed to the writer's son
For most of the poem, readers assume it is addressed to people but the words "my son"
come as a shock and change it to a dramatic monologue
The title and repetition of "If" is important
The tone the one of exhortation (a powerfully given speech, urging someone to do
Uses persuasive techniques
Some qualities are written with capital letter ­ Triumph, Disaster, Will ­ to emphasise there
The values Kipling wanted his son to aspire to are very lofty and don't mention softer values
such as kindness
Repetition of the word "you" engages the reader

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Regular rhyme scheme and meter
Orderliness almost is a military rhythm
Four verses of eight lines…read more

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Prayer Before Birth ­ Louis MacNeice
Theme Birth and Death & Powerful Imagery
Type Dramatic Monologue
Link If ­ Dramatic Monologue
My Last Duchess ­ Dramatic Monologue
Background Written by Louis MacNeice ­ written during WWII
Form and Tone
The title tells us that it is a prayer and reads like an incantation
The tone is apocalyptic, expressing foreboding about the menace of modern living
The child's prayer is for a better world ­ one of justice and social equality
This monologue, made by the…read more

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Comparison of Hitler to the beast and thinking he is God ­ reference to his inhuman acts
and his obsession of controlling people.…read more

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Poem at ThirtyNine ­ Alice Walker
Themes Parent/Child Relationship, Love, Loss
Type Free Verse
Link Piano ­ Childhood/love/strong emotions
Written by Alice Walker ­ awarded Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (The Colour Purple)
The poet wrote this poem at an age where most people face a new phase in life
This poem is partly about the sadness at the loss of a father and the regrets the daughter
has but also an appreciation and celebration of what he has given her & she has inherited…read more

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Informal and familiar
The first twothirds of the poem has a tone of regretful longing
The tone is conversational…read more

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Piano by D. H. Lawrence
Themes Childhood, Parent/Child, Parental Love, Nostalgia & memories
Link Poem at Thirty Nine ­ Parent/child, Parental Love, Childhood
My Last Duchess ­ Rhyming Couplets
Type Rhyming Couplets
Written by D. H.…read more

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He clearly admires and loves his mother
His memories shows mixed emotions…read more

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Remember ­ Christina Rossetti
Theme Love/Loss, Death, Grief, Hope ­ that death is not the end
Type Sonnet
Link Poem at Thirty Nine ­ Love/Loss
Do not go Gentle...…read more

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The sestet CCCDED ­ changes the mood less regular so more conversational
The repetition of remember is haunting ­ almost like a ghostly whisper or a bell tolling at a
funeral…read more


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