Identity of Jesus

Mark's gospel

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The Baptism

Jesus is Baptised - The son of God. Summary. John the baptist was baptising people in the Jordon. He told the people that the messiah was coming and to repent and believe in this news.. One day Jesus comes to him. John baptises Jesus and a voice from heaven is heard saying ‘you are my son whom I love, with you I am well pleased’

What it rells us about Jesus.

He is the son of God.

Christians today

· Baptism is believed to be the moment when a person becomes part of the Christians religion.

· Sins are forgiven and washed away.

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Peter's confession

Peters confession at Ceaserea Philippi.... (Shows he is The Christ)

Jesus asks his disciple who the people think he is. They tell him that some say he is a prophet and others say he is John the Baptist. He then asks them the question ‘ who do you say I am’ Peter answers ‘ you are the Christ. Later Jesus began to tell them that he was going to be arrested and that he must suffer and die. Peter gets very upset and rebukes him (rebuke means to give out)Jesus tells him to ‘ get behind me Satan’ because he needed to get this point accross...He Must die in order to save everyone.

What it tells us about Jesus: He is the Christ, the messiah of the old testament

Christians today:The gospel of Mathew explains that Jesus told Peter (whose name means rock) that he would build his church on him. After Jesus died Peter became the leader of the Christian family.... the first Pope. Each pope carries on Peters role. This story is not included in Mark’s gospel but it is so very vital in understanding why the Catholic Church must have a Pope. In this way, Mathews account is more important to Catholics that Mark’s.

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The transfiguration

The transfiguration - Shows he is The son of God

Jesus takes Peter and James and John up a mountain to pray. On the way Jesus becomes transfigured. He is glowing white and Moses and the prophet Elijah appear and talk with Jesus. Peter wants to build a tent for them. He really didn’t know what else to say as he was so shocked.A cloud comes and a voice from heaven is heard saying ‘this is my son whom I love, Listen to him’.

What it tells us about Jesu:· 1. Moses and Elijah’s appearing shows that Jesus is very special and is fulfilling the old testament. 2. God calls Jesus his Son...this is the second time. (also in the Baptism)

Problems for Christians today

· Some Christians find this very hard to accept that dead people appeared with Jesus.

. Others wonder why this doesnt happen today

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Jesus calms the storm

Jesus calms the storm – nature miracle- Shoes Jesus as the saviour

Summary: Jesus is asleep in a boat with his disciples when a terrible storm hits them. They get so frightened and wake Jesus . They ask him to save them. He responds by asking them if they have any fait..? He then stretches out his arm and the wind stops and everything is calm. The disciples are shocked and ask themselves ‘who is this man that even the wind and the sea obey him.

Problems for Christians today.

· Many Christians find nature miracles very hard to believe. No human can tell a sea to calm itself. It totally goes against the laws of nature.

· Many other Christians believe that it is and allegory, that is a story with a hidden meaning. They believe that the storm represents difficult times in a person’s life. This message is that Jesus can keep us safe and give us the strength to face any trouble.

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the feeding of the 5000

Research with students Monday

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Jesus walks on the sea

Jesus walks on the sea.... Nature miracle – (Jesus the saviour)

Summary : The disciples are in the boat and get into trouble. Jesus was on the shore alone in prayer. He realises that the are in trouble and walks on the sea towards them. They got so very frightened when they saw him coming as they thought he was a ghost. He tells them to take courage and not be afraid and gets into the boat to calm them all down

What the story tells us about Jesus: 1. Jesus has power over the sea. 2.He can do the impossible. 3. He fulfills the scripture..(the messiah is said to be able to do this in the old testament)

Reasons why this story causes problems for Christians today: 1. Some Christians find this impossible to believe that Jesus walked on water. 2. Other Christians think that Mark ment that he was walking near the sea not on it. 3.More Christians wonder how experienced fishermen couldnt handle the problem themselves.

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Jesus heals legion / man with evil spirit

Jesus heals Legion.... A healing Miracle Jesus is the saviour Summary :A man was possessed by evil spirits. He suffered terribly because of them. Jesus arrivwes at the place where he lived and upon seeing Jesus he fell on his knees. The demons adressed saying “ what do you want with us Jesus son of God the most high. He tells the Demon to tell him his name. It begs no to be cast out/sent back to hell and ask to be sent into herd of pigs . Jesus agress. The possessed pigs end up running of a cliff.

What the story tells us about Jesus: 1. Jesus has power over evil spirits. 2. The demons know who Jesus is...( more proof that Jesus really is the Messiah. 3. Jesus frees humans no matter what the cost...(the pigs in this case) 4. Jesus has power to heal

Give reasons why this story causes problems for Christians today:

· Some Christians believe that people who claint to be possessed are really just mentally ill.

· Others believe that they are real.

· Jesus allowed the pigs to die....(not very nice for the man who owned them)

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The raising of Jairus' daughter

The raising of Jairus’ daughter- Showing Jesus as the saviour

Summary of the story: Jairus was a temple leader. His little daughter was very ill and so he turned to Jesus for help. Jesus is delayed by a woman who had a terrible skin disorder. She only touched the hem of his garment as he walked by because she believed that simply toughing Jesus would be enough to cure her. She is healed because of her faith. However, Jairus’ daughter is dead before they get to her. Jesus tells everyone not to be afraid and to believe. He goes in and says the child is not dead but asleep. Many laughed him. He put his hands on her and told him to get up. She got up at once.

What the story tells us about Jesus: 1· Jesus has power to heal. 2. Jesus has power over life and death. 3.Jesus answers people who believe in him

Reasons why this story causes problems for Christians today: 1 People find it hard to believe that this actually happened. 2. Others wonder why he didnt do this for others. 3. It goes against the laws of science

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The son of God


· Most important title because it describes the closest possible relationship between Jesus and God

· Found in the OT, the land of Israel was referred to as 'Son of God'

· Jesus hardly called himself the Son of God, but when asked he didn't deny it

Where is it used?

· Opening sentence of Mark's Gospel......"This is the good news about Jesus Christ, Son of God"

· Baptism of Jesus......God said "You are my own dear Son. Who I am pleased with"

· The Transfiguration......God said "this is my own dear Son - listen to him"

· The Jewish trial .."Are you the Christ, Son of the Blessed One?"

"I am, and you will see the Son of Man, sitting at the right hand of the mighty one"

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Son of Man


Where is it used?

· The Paralysed Man

Friends brought him through the roof of where Jesus’ was teaching

"The Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins"

· Request of James and John

"For even the Son of Man did not come to serve, but to serve"

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The Christ/The messiah

It Means ‘The Anointed One’

Where is it used?

· Peter’s declaration of faith

"Who do you say I am?"

"You are the Messiah"

· Jesus speaks about his suffering and death

"The Son of Man must suffer much and be put to death

...and later he will rise to life."Peter rebukes this. Jesus turns on Peter saying that he will do what God wants him to do, and makes it clear to Peter he is a suffering servant Messiah.

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Son of David


·David was second greatest king of Israel. He was very close to God, who promised him that one of his descendants would always rule

·"Son of David" meant "a descendant of David – the Jews where expecting the Messiah to be a descendant of David

Where is it used?...· Blind Bartimaeus - "Jesus! Son of David! Take pity on me!"

· Jesus enters Jerusalem ..-.. People shouted "Hosanna!”

"Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!"

"Blessed is the coming kingdom of our Father David!" As Jesus rode into Jerusalem

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SAVIOUR: This title wasn’t used by Jesus or others. But Mark presents Jesus as a Saviour who rescues people from their troubles. He saves people from; Death, Evil, Hunger, Nature, Loneliness, Fear, Sickness

Where is it used?

· The calming of the storm ---- Jesus shows authority "Be quiet...Be still". The Disciples lack faith. If you have faith you will be saved.

· The feeding of the 5,000 ---- Jesus is the Messiah who feeds the people as Moses had done..Jesus behaves as though he is God, he produces food miraculously.

· The syro-phoenician woman’s daughter ---Shows he has come for everybody. The woman is a Gentile and would be considered a second class citizen. It is because she has faith, that Jesus helps her.

"First let the children eat all they want," he told her, "for it is not right to take the children's bread and toss it to their dogs." "Yes, Lord," she replied, "but even the dogs under the table eat the children's crumbs."Then he told her, "For such a reply, you may go; the demon has left your daughter." She went home and found her child lying on the bed, and the demon gone

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