Plot to kill Jesus

Plot to kill Jesus

Explain the significance of the plot to kill Jesus:

Jesus accepted his suffering and betrayal - It shows that he is omniscience that he could predict Judas’s betrayalà ‘One of you will betray me - He understands his fate of suffering

Jesus fulfils prophecies - With the fact that Jesus knew exactly what would happen to him, many Christians see this as evidence that Jesus truly is God’s Son, and that his death was part of a bigger plan.

·         Christians today can take strength from this when they have to deal with difficult situations but know that they outcome will bring a greater good

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Plot to kill Jesus

His identity of Son of man is proved

·         He was able to make accurate predictions (‘I tell you that one of  you will betray me’) but he had to suffer and dead à it shows his humanity and dignity

Reassuring to Christians

·         Judas, who was the closest followers of Jesus and expected to be the most loyalty. He was tempted to betray Jesus by ambition and wealth. Shows that even those around Jesus failed him significantly (Peter went on to deny Jesus).  Shows that Jesus’ message and actions are to ensure we receive forgiveness.

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Plot to kill Jesus

Why is it significant for Christians today?

1.      Christians can gain comfort

·         Gives support to those who are suffering now, just like Jesus who accepted his death as part of God’s plan

·         It gives strength for them to overcome the suffering

2.      Role of Judas

·         As one of the 12, Judas was supposed to be a role model for Christians today, but he was easily tempted away by money - how can Christians resist against the status and money if Judas was not able to do so?


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Plot to kill Jesus


Shows they can be forgiven

·         For many Christians, this passage give them comfort if there is something in their lives that they are not proud of.  It is not something to despair about, for the disciples including Peter, went on to do great things.

4.      Christians might doubt Jesus’ dignity

·         If he is omniscient, why would he choose Judas as his closest followers when he knew that Judas would betray him?

If Jesus is the true god, why would he need to act as a ‘suffering servant’ and be betrayed by his followers?

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