Peter's Denial (Mark's Gospel)

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How the problems of discipleship are shown in Peter's Denial:

- Peter had promised Jesus that he would never desert him, "even if [he had] to die with [Jesus]". Peter breaks the promise he made to Jesus, in spite of having previously made an oath with Jesus. He denies having anything to do with Jesus, and when asked what his association with him is he states "I do not know what you are talking about". He fails Jesus for he has broken the promise he has made with him. A follower of Jesus should never break the promise made to the church, to Jesus or to God.

- As a disciple, Peter should have been prepared to stand up and be proud of his identity as one of Jesus' followers. When asked if he is "one of them" (a follower of Jesus) he strongly "denies" it. Before, he had seen his identity as one of Jesus' 12 apostles as a form of greatness. He fails as a disciple for he is ashamed of his association with Jesus and his identity as one of his disciples and closest companions.

- When Peter is accused of being "one of them" for he third and final time, he goes as far as saying "may God punish me if I am not [telling the truth]", in order to deny the claims and protect himself. He fails as a disciple for he would rather be punished…


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