ICT - Unit 2

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Chapter 9 - ICT Systems and their Components

What is ICT?

ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is the use of technology for the: Input of date, storage, processing of data into information, transfer of data to other devices and the output of information.

What is a System?

A system is a procedure which involves: Input, Process and Output. All systems are based around the data cycle.

What is a System Life Cycle?

The overall process of converting data into information.

What is an ICT System?

An ICT System is where the output goes either: Directly to a human being or to another ICT System.

What are the Components of an ICT System?

- People

- Procedures

- Hardware

- Software

- Data

- Information

What is Data?

Data is raw facts, figures, set of values, events or transactions. Data has no meaning. It is also a comodity.

What is Information?

Information is data that has been processed and put into meaningful context.

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