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Data, information, knowledge

  • Data is the raw facts and figures, it can be presented in alphanumerical characters and also the data has no context or meaning.
  • Information is something which is further than data because it has been given context and also has been given meaning which means it can be classed as information.
  • Knowledge is how you apply information to the certain situation.

Types of data ....

  • Text
  • Interger
  • Currency
  • Autonumber
  • Date/Time
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Direct/Indirect Data.

Direct ...

Advantages - Source and collection method is known and verified, Exact amount of data can be collected.

Disadvantages - Not get a large amount of data, data may not be available due to location and time.

Indirect ...

Advantages - Data is available from different locations and times, some analysis may already have been completed.

Disadvantages - Some bias on the data, may not be accurate

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