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What is ICT

ICT is used to

  • input data
  • store data
  • process data
  • transfer of data
  • output of information
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What is a system

A system is an activity which involves input, processing & output

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What is an ICT system

it is where a combination of hardware & software allows data to be input, processed by the system before the output is sent either to a user or another ICT system

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What are ICT systems based on

INPUT - data is entered into the computer system. it can be enetered manually or by using a bar code reader

PROCESS - data inputted is used to convert the input into a readable form

OUTPUT - information obtained by processign the data is presented to the user in a logical form

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The componenets of an ICT system

These are the components whoch make up an ICT system

  • people
  • data
  • procedures
  • software
  • hardware
  • information
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What is data

Data is a set of of recorded facts, numbers or events that have no meaning

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