ICT Legislation

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Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988


To Protect people who invetnt things from having their ideas stolen. When you buy software, you only actually buy a license to use it not the actual software or its coding.

Single User License-> Let you use one copy of the software on one computer

Multiple User License-> Often bought by companies to run n a network (6 users licenses = 6 copies running)

Site Licenses-> Allow the user to run as many copies as needed on the same site. (Used by Schools)

It is illegal to steal software by copying. Its illegal to steal large ections to make a similar product

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Data Protection Act 1998

Purpose ->

Protect the personal data of individuals held by organisations

Principles-> Data must be;

  • Accurate and up-to-date
  • Not kept for longer than necessary
  • Secure against loss

Personal Data -> Data relating to any identifiable living indivdual

Data subject-> The data subject is any identifiable living individual.

Data Controller -> Anyone who is responsible for deciding how and for what purpose the data is processed.

Compliance with the 8 principles.

Registration with the information commissioners office providing:

  • Details of the data controller
  • Description of the data to be processed
  • Security measures taken to protect the data
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Computer Misuse Act 1990

The law covers Hacking & Viruses

There are three offences in the act:

  • Unauthorised access to computer material
  • Accessing computers with intent to commit or facilitate commiting another offence
  • Unauthorised modification to computer material

For organisations this means:

  • Hackers can be prosecuted if they try to access a computer system.
  • People who spread viruses can be prosecuted if they intend to modify the content of a computer system
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Electronic Communications Act 2000


To help build confidence in electronic commerce and electronic data storage.

Describe one way that the act meets its aim->

Set up a register of approved proviers of encyptions services

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