Ice Levels Over Time

  • The Earth has Glacial Periods and Interglacial Periods
    • The earth goes through cold periods that last for millions of years called ice ages
      • During ice ages, large masses of ice cover parts of the Earth's surface
    • The last ice age was the Pleistocene that began around 2.6 million years ago
    • During ice ages there are cooler periods called glacial periods when the ice advances to cover more of the Earth's surface - each one lasts about 100,000 years
    • In between glacial periods there are warmer periods known as interglacial periods when the ice retreats to cover less of the Earth's surface - each one lasts about 10,000 years
    • The last glacial period began around 100,000 years ago and ended around 10,000 y.a
  • Ice Covered much more of the Earth's surface 20,000 years ago
    • Since the beginning of the Pleistocene there have been permenant ice sheets on Greenland and Antarctica - ice has also covered…


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