How to evaluate models/techniques.


  • Description: Do the techniques that have been proposed actually do what they are supposed to? Do techniques work to rectify some inappopriate behaviour?
  • Comment: Not having an effective technique is a problem because if it doesn't work it is a waste of resources trying to implement it. Also, a problem is how the effectiveness is measured, we could question if they effectiveness is show, for all people? 100%, in a valid way, in a realistic setting.
  • Counter Comment: However, there may be reasons for studying the effectiveness in this way. e.g high controls to state cause and effect etc.
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  • Description: This refers to whether a study creates practical applications.
  • Comment:  If a study is not useful this is a problem because psyhcology's main aim is to benefit society or the individual with its research. Therefore, if the usefulness is limited it is not meeting the goals of the subject.
  • Counter comment: However, if the study is useful then it an lead to practical applications, further research and adds to our academic understanding. The research might not have been useful but it still gave us insight into an issue.
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