How did ww1 affect Germany?

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How did ww1 affect Germany?

  • Death - 2 million German deaths (fighting) and 750,000 more died (famine)
  • Dept - dept trippled from 1914 to 1918
  • Dehabilitated - Kaiser lost control of the country - very weak
  • Germas people hated the government and their country was weak and loss of man-power
  • German people blamed the soldiers at the front - airforce especially did this 
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What happened next?

  • Kaiser abdicated
  • Fredrick Ebert (with the help of Phillipp Scheidemann) set up a new government (they were members of the social demicratic party.)
  • Ebert was techniqually voted into the new president role
  • there was still opposition from people who beleived that the government had been forced upn them (mainly communist kpd)
  • Ebert and the new government signed armistice - it was officially their decision to surrender so they were blamed
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