Hitler's policies 1933-35


The Disarmament Conference 1932-34

since 1932, the six major nations had met regularly under LoN to conside progress toward world disarmament, not what Hitler wanted

  • Germany wanted all countries to reduce army to the same size
  • Hitler supported Britain's plans to reduce armament as they knew France would disagree
  • Oct 1933, France refused, Hitler used this to withdraw from the conference
  • EXTREMELY clever of Hitler, he said it was unfair towards Germany as they'd already disarmed so everyone else should aswell
  • 17 October Hitler withdrew from LoN, with NO sanctions

One of Hitlers great gambles in terms of foreign policy

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Non agression pact with Poland


  • Hitler had to tread carefully and prove good intentions
  • Main Aim, isloate france and improve relations with Britain and Italy
  • attempted to outsmart France by signing a non aggresion pact with poland, the main features were:

                - accept Polish boarders                 - encourage trade between the two                 - pact would last 10yrs This created tension between France and Britain as France's agreement with poland had been undermined

  • Britain think this showed Germany's peaceful intentions
  • It drove France and Russia closer together and resulted in them having a non-agression pact
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Return Of The Saarland

January 1935

German district on the left of the River Rhine, under control of LoN (1919) and coal output went to France

  • On the 13 Jan 1935, over 90% of the people of Saar voted to rejoin Germany
  • March 1 the Saar was offcially a part of Germqany again

This gave hitler confidence to carry on his foreign policy goals. This lead to 16 March, when Hilter refused the TofV       - he promised to rearm and introduced conscription

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Rearmament and Conscription

Previous parts of foreign policy had been about recovery, but by 1935 Hitler was prepared to move onto rearmament "the next phase"

  • he renounced the terms of the TofV that dealt with this
  • Conscription was reintroduced and the army,navy and airforce were all built up openly
  •                  Wanted to inrease army to 550,000 men
  • He was able to do this by claiming it was self defence as France and the Soviet Union were building up there foreces aswell
  • Rearmament was extremely popular as it was a clear demonstration that Germany was regaining strength
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Attempted Anschluss With Austria

July 1925

  • One of Hitlers ambitions was to enforce Anschluss, i.e political union of Germany and Austria
  • The austrian chancellor, Engelburt Dollfus, was opposed and banned the Austrian Nazi Party
  • Austrian Nazi's started a campaign of terror: vandalism, broadcasts, attacks etc. Eventually they murdered Dollfuss in July 1934.
  • Unsuccesfull however as Shcushnigg regained control
  • Italy sent 100,000 troops to the Austrian boarder and Britain and France garunteed Austrian independence
  • Hitler denied any involvement
  • Immediate plans for the Anschluss were scrapped
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