Unemployment policies 1933

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  • Unemployment policies
    • The Labour Service Corps
      • Provided young men with manual labour jobs.
      • From 1935, it was compulsory for all men aged 18-25 to serve in the corps for 6 months.
      • Lived in camps, wore uniform and received low pay.
    • Job Creation schemes
      • Hitler spent billions on job creation schemes, rising from 18.4 billion marks in 1933 to 37.1 billion, 5 years later.
      • Introduced a massive road-building programme to provide Germany with 7000km of autobahns (motorways).
    • Invisible unemployment
      • Official figures did not include:
        • Jews dismissed from their jobs.
        • Unmarried men under 25 who were pushed into National Labour schemes.
        • Women dismissed from their jobs or who gave up work to get married.
        • Opponents of the Nazi regime held in concentration camps.
    • Rearmament
      • Hitler was determined to build up the armed forces in readiness for future war.
        • Reduced unemployment.
      • Re-introduction of conscription in 1935.
        • Army grew from 100,000 in 1933 to 1,400,000 by 1939.
      • Heavy industry expanded to meet the needs of rearmament.
        • Coal and chemicals doubled in the years 1933-1939.
        • Oil, iron and steel trebled in the years 1933-1939.
      • Billions were spent producing tanks, aircraft and ships.
        • In 1933, 3.5 billion marks were spent on rearmament.
          • This had increased to 26 billion marks by 1939.


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