History- Why Hitler Became Chancellor

A few notes on why Hitler became chancellor in 1923

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An overview (LIMP PAPER)

L Long term bitterness over the Treaty of Versailles

I Ineffective constituion(Weimar)

M Money/ Munich Putsch


P Progaganda

Attacks on other polictical parties

Personal Qualities

E Economic Depression

R Recruited by Hindenburg

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L I M ( P on another card)

L- Long term bitterness over the Treaty of Versailles

Many people were devastated by the TofV because it crippled the country and left the German Public angry at the Weimar republic for letting the TofV go through. The MPs who signed the TofV were called 'The November Criminals'. This gave hitler the chance to move in and promise to abolish the treaty.

I- Ineffective Constitution

The Weimar Constitution wasn't working. Hindenburg was unpopular and kept having to use his emergency powers(article 48) to pass bills through as the Reichstag would vote against him. This gave Hitler the opportunity to move in and get people on his side, including Hindenburg.

M- Money/ Munich Putsch

Hitler had many wealthy people behind him which enabled him to promote his campaigns on a large scale! The Munich Putsch, although it failed, got a lot of people believing that Hitler could lead the county out of its current climate.

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P- Promises

Hitler made umpteen promises to the country, promising to make Germany great once again! He did follow through with some, aboloshing the TofV for example, but many he didn't.

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P A P (E R on the next card)

P- Progaganda

Hitler led a great campaign full of posters, radio campaigns and speech's that empowered people. His wealthy believers also helped his campaign!

A- Attacks on other political parties

Hitler led many attacks on other parties such as the SDP(social democrats) and slandered their names throughout Germany. When he came to power, he stopped all other parties from even existing!

P- Personal Qualities

Hitler was a great public speaker. He sometimes left audiences silent for 5 minutes before he even started talking. He was very empowering and, before he showed his true side- eg the holocaust, he was very nice and agreeable to people- hence, why he got voted in!

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E- Economic Depression

The war had crippled germany. They had to pay back reparations and they were in enough trouble themselves- they had spent a lot on the war effort. The USA took back the loans they lent to Germany and Hitler's promises of making everything better was welcome to people in that time.

R- Recruited by Hindenburg

Hindeburg believed that he could control Hitler, how wrong he was!, and so he let him become chancellor in 1933 and Von Papen(the chancellor before Hitler) was made vice chancellor.

The death of Hindenburg in 1934 enabled Hitler to claim power. Hitler was made the ruler of Germany.

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